Video: How to Style Updos for Medium to Long Hair

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Views: 1813

Medium and long hair is great for certain types of updo hairstyles. Find out how to style updos for medium to long hair with help from a dedicated hair stylist in this free video clip.

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Jeremy Clark

Jeremy Clark

Jeremy Clark is a professional hair stylist and salon owner.



Hi. I'm Jeremy Clark, professional hairstylist and salon owner. And today, I'm going to show you how to do a quick and simple updo for long to medium hair. On Cloe, we're going to do an updo where I'm going to take her hair and take everything up to the top and essentially create a ponytail, but at the top of the head, and then we're going to wrap the rest of her hair around. It's going to be a modern sort of ballerina inspired bun, but with a little bit more of a fashion sense. OK. So, some tools that you'll need at home, will be some bobby pins, a couple of elastics, a boar bristle brush, a vented brush, and a light hold hairspray. So, today I'll be using the Garnier Fructis Flexible Control Anti-Humidity Hairspray. OK. So, I'm just going to prep Cloe's hair, spraying a little bit of spray at the roots and distributing it through the ends. And we're going to brush everything through. That'll help distribute it through the hair so it will protect it from fly aways, and from frizz. And start brushing the hair upwards right towards that flat part where the head shape sort of rounds off and then goes in to the bottom. OK. And once I have the hair basically up, I'm going to go back and just smooth it out a bit with my boar bristle brush, brushing all those strays right in to my hand where I'm holding it. And this is a great hairstyle for long or medium hair because you can pull it back and you can get it out of your way and it looks clean and elegant and styled. But it really doesn't take much effort. OK. Now that you have the hair pulled up in to a high pony, we're just going to put on an elastic and just lock that in to place, and brush these out. And then we can just go ahead and take the rest of that hair and lightly twist it in to a nice little ballerina bun, tucking the ends in. And then I'm just going to throw a few pins to hold it in place. And the trick is you pin where you hold. So, the pin goes right where my finger's holding the bun. And then you can go back in and just clean up any fly aways. Take a little more hairspray and just tuck everything in to that, in to that bun. So, I really love this look on Cloe. She has bangs. So, you can actually do this look with or without the bangs. And I think it just really dresses her up. OK. And that's how you do a quick and simple updo. I'm Jeremy Clark. Thanks for watching.


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