Video: How to Make Blue Eyes Look Bluer

Views: 1566

Views: 1566

You can emphasize your natural features, like the color of your eyes, by using makeup in a very specific way. Learn about how to make your blue eyes look bluer with help from a celebrity makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Kendra Richards

Kendra Richards

Kendra Richards is a professional makeup artist. Her work has been featured in Vanity Fair, Vogue and InStyle.



Hi, I'm Kendra Richards, professional makeup artist, and today I'm going to show you how to make your blue eyes look bluer. When I have a model or an actress sitting in my chair that's got eyes the color of Ingrid's, what I love to use are rusts and Fall colors to really play up the color of the eyes. So I'm going to use the Color Design Palette in sunset fling by Lancome and these colors are really going to bring out the blues in Ingrid's eyes. You can see the rusts and those Fall colors in there that make the blues really pop. I'm going to begin by taking that base shadow over the entire lid and that creates a great palette to then lay down the eye color and next, I'm going to take this beautiful shimmery gold and I'm going to apply that over the entire eyelid area as well and then next, I'm going to use this beautiful melon color. I love that. I'm going to start right at the center of her eye and carry it out to the middle of her eye and that adds a beautiful brightness to this look and then I'm going to finish it with this gorgeous rust color that I'm going to really focus on the outer edge of her eye. This will help elongate her eye and really give the look of an elongated eye. This is also one of the colors that's very key in helping to bring out the blue. This is a trick I use on everybody that sits in my chair that has blue or sort of greenish blue eyes because it really accentuates the color and then lastly, I'm going to use this beautiful purple color for an eyeliner. That right at the base of the lashes is going to give great definition to her lashes, purple is also a great color to help pop blue eyes. So you can see all the colors I'm using are all working towards getting me to my goal of really showing off her fantastic blue eyes. Now you can really see how much her eye color is popping on this side versus the eye I haven't done. So you can see how her blue eyes are really popping with these colors and at home you can get this same red carpet look by sticking with a palette of rusts and Fall like colors to bring out your eyes. And that's how to choose Spring colors for fair skin. I'm Kendra Richards. Thanks for watching.


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