Video: How to Create a Twist Bun Hairstyle

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Views: 1552

Creating a twist bun hairstyle just requires the right application of the appropriate tools. Create a twist bun hairstyle with help from a dedicated hair stylist in this free video clip.

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Jeremy Clark

Jeremy Clark

Jeremy Clark is a professional hair stylist and salon owner.



Hi, I'm Jeremy Clark, professional hairstylist and salon owner, and today I'm going to show you how to do a twist bun hairstyle. Okay, so to get today's look, real simply, just going to use a few bobby pins, a vented brush, and for my hairspray, I like to use the Garnier Fructis Flexible Control Anti-humidity hairspray. So I'm just going to use a little bit of this to prep the hair. A few sprays, a couple more and then we're going to brush that through, and I'm just distributing the hairspray through the hair, all the way through to the ends. And what that does for the hair is it just kind of protects it from humidity so you don't get frizz. So our first step, taking all of Katie's hair, and just lightly pulling it all back, as if I was going to do a ponytail, and I'm going to lift it up, just lightly go over the top to make sure it's smooth. You can see I've got the hair sort of in a pony tail section, make a thumbs up sign and invert it. Dip that behind the ponytail, wrap it around your thumb and make a little, almost like a little handle, and start twisting, and once you have that, you can twist and twist, and lift, and just keep on twisting until it feels secure, and right there, you can see the beginnings of the bun. I'm going to take this little flyaway stuff and kind of tuck that in. Just holding the hair, you can kind of fold it over and then take a bobby pin, and then dip right into that bun and secure it, and just continuing with a few pins, lining them up vertically along the length of the bun. And, not only does that secure it, but it also hides your pins. Okay, so that looks great, I'm just going to put in one last little pin. You can see how quick that was, and then you can go back and just smooth out any fly-aways with a little bit of the flexible hairspray. Spray a little bit on your hand and just smooth it down. Doesn't that look nice? Simple, elegant, chic, it's a little more sophisticated. It's a "do" that you could wear to a red carpet or a party, not as casual. Definitely a little bit more on the dressy side of things. So there ya go, that's how you create a twist bun. I'm Jeremy Clark. Thanks for watching.


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