Video: How to Create Pin Curls

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Views: 4526

Creating pin curls doesn't have to be the most difficult thing you attempt to do in a day. Create pin curls with help from a dedicated hair stylist in this free video clip.

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Jeremy Clark

Jeremy Clark

Jeremy Clark is a professional hair stylist and salon owner.



Hi, I'm Jeremy Clark, professional hair stylist and salon owner, and today I'm going to show you how to create pin curls. So, what is a pin curl? Essentially, what you do is you take a small section of the hair, and you curl it and you pin it just like that, and you let it cool in that position. It creates a really tight curl and then you do these in a row, and you switch direction and do another row, switch direction and do another row. And basically, what happens is you create an S-pattern in the hair. So what you need are a rat tail comb, some bobby pins, a half-inch barrel curling iron, and a hair spray. I'll be using the Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Anti-Humidity hairspray. Okay, so I'm just going to lightly spray a little bit on that first section. Go ahead and distribute through to the ends. So starting with the bang section here, you'll notice that Jaime has a little bit of a cowlick right here and that's actually ideal. The look that we're going for, the S-pattern is actually going to start by coming forward, and then it's going to open up right here and that gives us that nice '50s glamour look, and then it'll come back down and go finish into that S-pattern. So I'm going to start with that first section, using about an inch by an inch, and on the hottest setting, we're going to go ahead and curl that hair forward, i.e. away from the face. Okay, I don't want to brush that out while it's hot, I want to keep it nice and curled and then lay it right flat to the head. Take a bobby pin and pin it right where you hold it and there's our first pin curl. I'm going to continue on doing the top section. So again, I'm pulling the hair forward towards the face so that it wraps around and goes back away from the face and this whole section is going to be done like that. Unless the hair that you're working with is bone straight, then you really don't want to spend too much time with the curling iron. You just want to get that curl in. If she has some natural texture to her hair, it'll actually hold it's shape better. So you can see that first section is done, each pin curl is going away from the face. I'm just going to hit that with a little spray, and then I'm going to start my next section, and this time, I want to incorporate that nice cowlick that she already has naturally, so we're going to use that and that's going to be the direction of the curl. So I'm going to start my section just below that and I'll take my first pin curl section. You can over direct it slightly away from the face, and then we're going to roll that curl forward. Okay, and keeping that curl curled, we don't want to brush it out, just roll it right into position, and pin. Okay, so I'm going to finish this section going, taking each pin curl towards the face and then alternating with the next section, going away from the face, creating that S-pattern and then I'm going to go back and do the same thing on this side. Okay, so you can see Jaime's hair has been set. You can see our sections, going forward, back, forward, going all the way around the head, and once the hair's set, with a little hairspray, make sure it's dry and cool, and then I'm going to pull the pins out. You can see there's lots of spring to the curl. The curl's really in there and the hairs also been smoothed out, so once I brush through this, you'll see how smooth it is. Once you've taken the pins out, you can see you have lots of curl, lots of bounce, lots of shine to the hair. And now I'm going to start brushing out the hair, starting at the bottom, and working my way up to the top, and I'm just going to kind of go with the flow of the curls, which is this big S-pattern, like this. Just going through and brushing out all those curls as good as you can. We're actually going to smooth this out once all the curls are brushed through. Now, once you have the hair brushed out completely, I'm going to go in and start blow drying and round brushing to pull some of this curl out 'cause we want to smooth it out. I'm going to start with the back. We want to keep as much curl to the front as possible 'cause that's where we're really going to see it. And I'm just going to start round brushing section by section, and now's a good point to put some more hairspray in, too. That'll give you a little more control and a little shine. So this curl has a ton of memory because of the set that we just did, so I'm not pulling the curl out, I'm just softening it, I'm just loosening it up a little bit is all. And then I'm going to go through the entire head, again, section by section, and blow dry out with the round brush. So you can see it now, we've combed out all those curls, we've brushed them out so it's smooth. The hairstyle is really starting to take shape. You can see this S-pattern starting to form here. This side is going to be pushed back a little bit over the ear, and once the hair is prepped and right here, this is where we go back in and do some back combing. So with the back combing, you want to take a vent brush or a MasonPearson brush, brush all the way through to the end, and then you can go right into the roots and just lightly tease the hair back against itself and you'll start to see that curl take shape, and I'm going to do some light back brushing through the hole head, just in that manor, and then we'll go back and brush through it. And there's our finished look. This is really one of my favorite hairstyles to do. It takes a little bit more time and effort at home, but it's definitely worth it. You can see how those curls just brushed out really nicely and you just have a really nice soft S-pattern. So just to dress it up, I'm going to add a little barrette, on this side where the hair is back behind the ear. So once you have your final look, I'm just going to do a little spray over the top and get rid of anymore fly aways. So this is a great formal look that you can use for going out or for cocktail parties, possibly for something a little dressier, and I think she looks fantastic, and that's how you create pin curls. I'm Jeremy Clark, thanks for watching!


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