Video: How to Apply Makeup to Cover Up Redness for Porcelain Skin

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Views: 278

Makeup can be applied in a very specific way to cover up redness on your skin. Apply makeup to cover up redness for porcelain skin with help from a beauty and entertainment industry veteran in this free video clip.

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Shannon Pulley

Shannon Pulley

Shannon Pulley has more than 17 years' experience in the entertainment and beauty industry. She began as a model at the ripe age of 15, traveling across the U.S. and internationally to Milan, Italy. She has always been drawn to beauty and fashion and had the opportunity to teach preteen runway classes at John Robert Powers (2003). Her makeup career began in Washington State while working at Victoria’s Secret Beauty (2000). She moved to New York City in 2003 and has since worked with esteemed cosmetic companies such as Chanel, Dior, Yves St. Lauren, Clarins and Sephora. Her work has been featured on the cover of Manhattan Bride Magazine and in several plays, films and runways throughout the New York metropolitan area. Her latest accomplishment is her work on the film “Pariah” executively produced by Spike Lee and starring Kim Wayans which recently won a Sundance Film Festival Award in 2011. Pulley is also perfecting her skill as a professional airbrush and body paint artist and currently works for Hourglass Cosmetics, Dior and FACE Stockholm as a freelance artist while seeking representation. To view Pulley’s work and online resume please visit:



Hi, my name is Shannon, I'm a makeup artist. And today, I am going to show you how to apply makeup to cover up redness in porcelain skin. The tools we are going to use today to conceal is a concealer palette, setting powder. You also need a primer. The brushes we are going to use is a concealer brush and a powder brush. Start by applying your water proofing primer. Squirt it directly right onto your brush. Lets apply our concealer. To cover redness just blend right over the area. Usually it's around the nose through the cheeks wherever you are experiencing it. Just apply it with the brush, go back with your finger. And really use that heat from your finger to melt it in. You really want it to be flawless and seamless and not look like you have cakey heavy makeup on. Make sure you get all the redness in the skin and even out your complexion. You can go ahead and set it with the powder puff. This really packs it on and keeps it from moving. You can do it for all the areas where you've just applied your concealer just to keep it on. And also it gives it a really smooth flawless finish. Kind of softens it all up. And that's how you apply makeup to cover up redness for porcelain skin.


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