Video: How to Apply Eyebrow Pencil

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Views: 4080

You can apply eyebrow pencil in just a couple of minutes with the right technique. Learn how to apply eyebrow pencil with help from a professional makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Kendra Richards

Kendra Richards

Kendra Richards is a professional makeup artist. Her work has been featured in Vanity Fair, Vogue and InStyle.



Hi, I'm Kendra Richards, professional makeup artist and today I'm going to show you how to apply eyebrow pencil. So to show you a correct brow I'm going to Le Crayon Poudre by Lancome in Brunette. And what you want to do when you're, when you're looking at your eyebrows, most people don't have eyebrows that are perfectly similar on both sides, perfectly symmetrical. Sometimes you have an eyebrow that's more rounded and one that's more angular. I believe that you should select which one you'd like to go with. If you'd like a little bit more of an angular look, then you want to angle the more rounded eyebrow and if you want to go for a more rounded look you, you do that on the other side as well. So Leah has really beautiful brows and I'm going to just fill in a little bit and help define the shape just a touch. Eyebrows are such an important part of the face and it gives so much balance so you really want to be sure that you're looking at both sides of the face. I really like this sort of angular side. I think it gives her a lift and, and opens up her eye and so and because she's got such a round face I'm not going to duplicate that round look with the, the eyebrow. I'm going to give her a little bit more of an angle with it just to help soften some of the rounder edges or rounder shapes on her face. That's my thinking on this. Another thing is is, Leah's got a fantastic brow but say your brows start a little bit further back, you want to use a pencil and the gauge is if you look at the nostril and going all the way up, do you see how perfectly her, her brow lines up? That's where you want to start the brow. So then you want to angle for the outer line. You want to use that pencil to give you a tilt and give you a finish point for where that brow, you want that brow to end. And then for where your high point should be, if you're looking all the way forward and then right up the center of your eye where the pupil is, that is going to be your, the the high point in the brow and then you're going to want to duplicate that on both sides. I'm going to go ahead and begin with Leah's brows. You're going to want to use feathery strokes because you're trying to duplicate the look of an eyebrow hair. Not a straight line because that's going to be too harsh and not natural looking. I happen to love the Poudre because it's got this fantastic brush on the end that you can lay the color down and then still sweep and it helps to even that out and blend it in. Now her hair, Leah's hair grows a little bit down but I don't want to have a line going down so I'm still using upward movements and brushing up. I might come in later and do a brush stroke down just to continue blending, but I always want to lift up and then go in and fill in with short, quick little movements and then I use the back of that brush to continue blending and giving it that, do you see how natural that's looking? It's blending in. It's giving a great definition to her eye. We're good filling it in here and again, she's got her high point in that center where the iris goes. And then I want to show that final point. So I'm angling the pencil again and you're seeing that it catches just right under where her eye is. So her eyebrow should extend just a bit out and you can really see the change, the difference, by extending the brow and filling them in. I've also made the shape a little bit more on that angle. So you can see how natural this is on Leah. This product is so blendable and so natural. The brush on the end is a great tool to help you blend the liner out and it completes the look and it perfects her face. There you go. That's how to apply a perfect eyebrow pencil. I'm Kendra Richards. Thanks for watching.


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