typeF.com Lotion http://www.typef.com/lotion/ en-US The Best Cream Illuminating Foundation http://www.typef.com/article/cream-illuminating-foundation/ Mon, 23 Jan 2012 17:46:12 -0800 http://www.typef.com/article/cream-illuminating-foundation/
Every woman, no matter what her age, wants to put her best face forward. This means picking makeup that's right for your skin type and enhances your features. A cream illuminating foundation is the base for your whole look. You want it to look flawless -- not oily, caked-on or radically different than your natural skin tone. Before you hit the makeup aisle, get the scoop on cream illuminating foundations and how to choose the best one for you.]]>
Natural Oils vs. Lotions http://www.typef.com/article/natural-oils-vs-lotions/ Thu, 29 Dec 2011 12:06:24 -0800 http://www.typef.com/article/natural-oils-vs-lotions/
Next time you face an aisle filled with lotions and oils, don't let the overwhelming number of choices confuse you. The trick to finding a moisturizer that works is knowing your skin's needs and vulnerabilities. Some pores prefer oils that come from nature, while others can't take the grease. Once you've pinpointed what your skin craves -- whether it's a post-shower dose of moisture or a gentle lotion that won't exacerbate the sensitive skin blues -- you can tackle those aisles in search of your skin's special thirst-quencher.]]>
What Is the Purpose of Borax in Homemade Lotions? http://www.typef.com/article/purpose-borax-homemade-lotions/ Wed, 14 Dec 2011 12:17:26 -0800 http://www.typef.com/article/purpose-borax-homemade-lotions/
Homemade hand and body lotions can be a sweet all-natural alternative to commercial brands that have enormous lists of ingredients, some completely unrecognizable. It might seem weird that many recipes for homemade lotion include the cleaning agent and detergent booster borax in the ingredients. Borax is a natural mineral compound, however, and it's in lotions for a good reason.]]>
The Disadvantages of Silka Papaya Lotion http://www.typef.com/article/disadvantages-silka-papaya-lotion/ Tue, 29 Nov 2011 00:30:41 -0800 http://www.typef.com/article/disadvantages-silka-papaya-lotion/
We all want to look our absolute best. Changing the tone of one’s skin is one way, a controversial one at that, to do it. Silka Papaya Lotion, according to its manufacturer, Starex Merchandising, "whitens" a person's skin color while helping to maintain its youthful glow. Its active ingredients, Vitamin B3 and Green Papaya Enzyme, assist with the skin-lightning process. SPF 10 and Vitamin E, two additional ingredients, also help reduce signs of premature aging. However, before using a product such as Silka Papaya Lotion, there are a few things you may want to weigh first.]]>
What Lotions Don't Have Lanolin in Them? http://www.typef.com/article/lotions-dont-lanolin/ Sun, 20 Nov 2011 21:38:40 -0800 http://www.typef.com/article/lotions-dont-lanolin/
Lanolin, also known as wool alcohols, is a substance obtained from sheep fleece that’s often used in cosmetic products. “While lanolin is a great skin moisturizer, it is also a common cause of allergic contact dermatitis,” explains dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner. Some people have a reaction to lanolin, which can reveal itself with itching, swelling and redness on the skin. A test administered by your doctor can determine whether you have a contact allergy to lanolin. Zeichner recommends several brands that are lanolin-free that you can choose among if you do not tolerate this ingredient well.]]>
What are Stabilizing Agents in Lotion? http://www.typef.com/article/stabilizing-agents-lotion/ Tue, 15 Nov 2011 02:53:56 -0800 http://www.typef.com/article/stabilizing-agents-lotion/
Stabilizing agents in cosmetics are pretty much just a fact of life. Unless you start making all your own cosmetics, using them within a few days, you’re going to have to face up to that fact. But don’t worry; not all stabilizing agents are bad. Some stabilizing agents can bother people with allergies, but if you don’t have allergies, you don’t need to worry. However, you should avoid some certain stabilizing agents that are known to cause irritation and skin problems in some people.]]>
Lotions for Excessive Sweating http://www.typef.com/article/lotions-excessive-sweating/ Wed, 09 Nov 2011 07:07:08 -0800 http://www.typef.com/article/lotions-excessive-sweating/
When you work out and when you play sports, it’s OK to sweat excessively. But if you’re finding yourself with big sweat stains down your new going-out shirt and you haven’t even lifted a finger, then you have more significant sweating problems. There’s an answer for this that can come in a bottle: using a lotion designed to relieve excessive sweating can help to minimize the ick factor. Hello, new silk shirt and no embarrassment.]]>
What Are the Benefits of a Shower Lotion? http://www.typef.com/article/benefits-shower-lotion/ Mon, 07 Nov 2011 17:57:38 -0800 http://www.typef.com/article/benefits-shower-lotion/
Cleansing is a no-brainer when it comes to clear, radiant skin, but using the wrong products to clean yourself can steal your glow and create serious skin issues, such as severe chapping. Shower lotions are the best products for some ladies because of the benefits they provide. Sometimes called "shower creams," these products are formulated differently than other cleansers and thus provide different results.]]>
What Does a Lotion Intensifier Do? http://www.typef.com/article/lotion-intensifier/ Sat, 05 Nov 2011 16:19:22 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/lotion-intensifier/
Although pale, fair skin can look ultra-dramatic with dark hair, or peaches-and-cream sweet with blond hair, a well-tanned complexion is always en vogue because it looks so healthy. Tanning in a salon or out on a comfy lawn chair can give you the tan you want, with lotion intensifiers giving you a helping hand. These tanning lotions are designed to protect your skin while making tanning more efficient, decreasing your exposure to harmful UV rays.]]>
The Best Body Lotion With Retinol & Vitamins http://www.typef.com/article/body-lotion-retinol-vitamins/ Fri, 04 Nov 2011 11:00:23 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/body-lotion-retinol-vitamins/
Retinol, which is a form of vitamin A, is one of the nutrients important for your body's immune system. Any given day, your skin takes a lot more abuse than you're aware of. Pollution and too much sunlight will make your skin dull and will even damage it. One way to ward off the possibility of harming your skin is to use body lotion. There are a lot of choices for body lotions on the health and beauty market. Using a body lotion with retinol and vitamins is probably one of the best things you can for your skin.]]>
Socks to Wear With Foot Lotion http://www.typef.com/article/socks-wear-foot-lotion/ Thu, 03 Nov 2011 19:21:41 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/socks-wear-foot-lotion/
Applying a layer of lotion before turning in for the night can make even the scariest, dry feet flip-flop ready. That is – as long as you choose the best socks for the job. Opting for the wrong socks can cause bigger problems than some unsightly roughness around the heels and a few calluses.]]>
Lotion That's Good for Black Skin http://www.typef.com/article/lotion-s-good-black-skin/ Thu, 03 Nov 2011 13:45:41 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/lotion-s-good-black-skin/
You can't expect to look totally hot when you've got skin that's dry and ashy. This unattractive issue can really get in the way of your game, as it can make you feel less than confident and equally not as sexy, which is a serious no-no. To combat the dry skin problems that African-American gals face, you'll need to use a moisturizer that soothes that dry skin and gets it looking soft and sheen again.]]>
What Is Body Lotion Glitter Made From? http://www.typef.com/article/body-lotion-glitter-made/ Thu, 03 Nov 2011 09:07:42 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/body-lotion-glitter-made/
You want to stand out in the crowd, and when you decide just how much you want to shine, you'll know whether to use body shimmer or body glitter and the right amount to use. Body shimmer lotions contain ingredients similar to bronzers, but body glitter lotion uses ingredients that resemble craft or party glitter. Some glimmering lotions might incorporate exactly that type of glitter, especially homemade lotions. It's up to you whether to wear a subtle sheen or a blinding shine all over.]]>
Differences Between Bronze Lotions & Regular Lotions http://www.typef.com/article/differences-between-bronze-lotions-regular-lotions/ Wed, 02 Nov 2011 12:03:20 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/differences-between-bronze-lotions-regular-lotions/
Bronzers are great tools to have in your makeup kit to give your skin a healthy glow. Bronzing lotions make you look as if you've just spent time in a tropical climate or visited a tanning booth. A little bronzing lotion on your face can serve as a cover-up while adding a touch of a sun glow. Regular lotion may relieve the flaky dryness that makes your skin look dull, but it won't have you looking tanned.]]>
Cucumber Skin Care Lotions http://www.typef.com/article/cucumber-skin-care-lotions/ Wed, 02 Nov 2011 08:28:21 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/cucumber-skin-care-lotions/
They taste great in a salad and can work wonders for your skin, too. The cucumbers in your kitchen veggie bin are a natural ingredient that promises results. You can find cucumber in a lot of different products, including skin care lotions. In addition to smelling good, they can make your skin look and feel great.]]>
How to Make Exfoliating Lotion for Nails and Cuticles http://www.typef.com/article/make-exfoliating-lotion-nails-cuticles/ Sat, 29 Oct 2011 22:16:17 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/make-exfoliating-lotion-nails-cuticles/
While you might exfoliate your face to keep your skin healthy and glowing, don’t forget about your hands and fingernails. The skin on your hands needs just as much pampering as your face to keep your hands soft and pretty. Make exfoliating lotion for nails and cuticles, and work the goodness into your hands to slough off the dead skin and keep your skin fiercely fresh.]]>
Do Lotions & Creams Go Bad in Heat? http://www.typef.com/article/lotions-creams-bad-heat/ Thu, 27 Oct 2011 05:13:21 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/lotions-creams-bad-heat/
Whoops -- you left your moisturizer in the sunlight and now it has a gooey texture it didn’t quite have before. While you may not have ruined it forever, there is a chance that the heat can break down the active ingredients in your lotions and creams, making them less effective for caring for your skin. You can use a few cues, such as the lotion’s smell and color to help you determine if it’s gone for good.]]>
Lotion to Prevent Blushing http://www.typef.com/article/lotion-prevent-blushing/ Thu, 27 Oct 2011 02:46:16 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/lotion-prevent-blushing/
So, you see a cutie pass you by and check you out, causing you to emit a slight giggle and a blush. While this might be cute at first, after a while incessant blushing can be quite irritating. You could try a paper bag so the world cant see your bright red cheeks. More realistically, however, you can use a specialty lotion to try to prevent blushing.]]>
The Best Lotions for Exfoliating http://www.typef.com/article/lotions-exfoliating/ Wed, 26 Oct 2011 14:33:17 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/lotions-exfoliating/
At the first signs of warm weather, you throw on your tank tops, shorts and flip-flops. However, your skin care regimen has been in hibernation mode during the colder months and it's evident on your lack-luster skin. An exfoliating lotion can help your skin regain its natural glow, making you as radiant as the freshly bloomed flowers you pass on your way to the park.]]>
Uses for Sarna Lotion http://www.typef.com/article/uses-sarna-lotion/ Wed, 26 Oct 2011 12:22:18 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/uses-sarna-lotion/
Nothing spells fashion flop quite like the sight of a delish diva scratching away at her skin. Itchy skin eruptions may have a variety of causes. Keeping your claws off your misbehaving skin often takes more will-power than you possess. Topical products that temporarily axe the itch can help keep you from scratching. Sarna is a type of lotion designed to help alleviate your annoying itches.]]>
Hydrating Lotion for Hair http://www.typef.com/article/hydrating-lotion-hair/ Wed, 26 Oct 2011 08:53:18 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/hydrating-lotion-hair/
If you're noticing your hair has taken on a straw-like, brittle and weak appearance and feel, then it is a serious sign your hair is dry and dehydrated. Many different factors can lead to parched locks, from the sun's harsh rays to color treatments and bleaching procedures. Whatever the culprit is, you need to take control and reverse the situation before it intensifies. Your hair will certainly appreciate it later on.]]>
Homemade Lemongrass Lotion http://www.typef.com/article/homemade-lemongrass-lotion/ Wed, 26 Oct 2011 05:55:18 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/homemade-lemongrass-lotion/
Making your own moisturizer allows you to pick and choose the quintessential qualities that go into your luscious lotion. Whipping up a lotion potion from scratch helps you save money and select the quality ingredients of your choice such as essential oils and herbs. Lemongrass is a common cosmetic addition to homemade skin softeners.]]>
Natural Lotion for Burning Skin http://www.typef.com/article/natural-lotion-burning-skin/ Tue, 25 Oct 2011 18:41:19 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/natural-lotion-burning-skin/
Burned skin is a common ouch for fashion mavens. Pulling out a natural lotion often is one of best and simplest ways to get your skin healed and back to beautiful. The choice is yours in terms of using a commercial or homemade natural lotion, but the lotion you use always should include ingredients that will rejuvenate and moisturize your thirsty skin.]]>
Handmade Body Lotions http://www.typef.com/article/handmade-body-lotions/ Tue, 25 Oct 2011 08:54:20 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/handmade-body-lotions/
Flex your creative muscles and give your skin the nutrients it needs with homemade body lotions. Homemade lotions allow you to use your favorite scents and essential oils to create skin-pleasing, moisturizing concoctions. Better yet, homemade lotions are free of the dyes, preservatives and other additives that increase the cost of store brands but provide no healthy skin benefits. If you want the best without the useless rest, grab a few ingredients and get ready to get your healthy-skin glow on.]]>
Lotions for Dry, Flaky Eyelids http://www.typef.com/article/lotions-dry-flaky-eyelids/ Mon, 24 Oct 2011 08:04:12 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/lotions-dry-flaky-eyelids/
Hormonal changes, cold weather, direct sun, dry air, inflammatory skin conditions like allergic contact dermatitis and, um, aging, can all lead to dry eyelids. Dry eyelids are itchy eyelids, and itching leads to scratching and flaking. No matter what the cause, the root of the problem is a lack of moisture in the skin surrounding your eyes. Girl, you need to hydrate! Just splashing water on your face won’t work, though. To prevent moisture from escaping your skin, you need lotion to lock that water in.]]>
What Lotion Is Okay to Use Around Your Eyes? http://www.typef.com/article/lotion-okay-use-around-eyes/ Fri, 21 Oct 2011 10:43:24 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/lotion-okay-use-around-eyes/
The skin around your eyes is super delicate and thin, so you can't just put any old thing on it. And you can't neglect the spot either, as tiny wrinkles like to rear their ugly heads there. So what's a girl to do? Applying lotion that is safe to use around your eyes not only keeps your skin looking smooth and hydrated but can keep you looking as young and fresh as possible.]]>
The Best Illuminating Lotion http://www.typef.com/article/illuminating-lotion/ Wed, 19 Oct 2011 16:47:44 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/illuminating-lotion/
Perk up dull skin, give your body a natural glow and create a luminous look all over with the best illuminating lotions for your face and body. Beauty experts from leading women’s magazines handpicked these so you could reap the benefits of healthy, beautiful skin from head to toe.]]>
The Best Vitamin C Lotion http://www.typef.com/article/vitamin-c-lotion/ Tue, 18 Oct 2011 20:56:27 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/vitamin-c-lotion/
Vitamin C is packed with all sorts of good things, including powerful antioxidants. Applying vitamin C to your skin can help reduce the signs of aging such as discoloration, fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots. If this sounds like something you could use, pick one of the best vitamin C lotions out there to keep your skin looking young, fresh and radiant.]]>
Lotions to Wake Up Tired Skin http://www.typef.com/article/lotions-wake-up-tired-skin/ Fri, 14 Oct 2011 14:28:21 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/lotions-wake-up-tired-skin/
If you're going through a stage where your skin just looks and feels dull, rough and lifeless – from your elbows and legs to your arms – then it's time to do something about it. Instead of ignoring uneven, dry and generally tired-looking skin, take matters into your own hands. An effective and revitalizing body lotion could make a world of difference.]]>
The Advantages of a Gel Lotion Vs. a Cream Lotion http://www.typef.com/article/advantages-gel-lotion-vs-cream-lotion/ Thu, 13 Oct 2011 16:46:01 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/advantages-gel-lotion-vs-cream-lotion/
So many skincare preparations, so little time. When you are trying to decide between a gel versus a lotion, there are a few things to consider, from your skin type to what season it is. In addition to a little skincare trial-and-error, there are some ways you can tell if a gel or cream lotion is the right product for you.]]>
How to Remove Scent From Lotion http://www.typef.com/article/remove-scent-lotion/ Thu, 13 Oct 2011 09:23:14 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/remove-scent-lotion/
If you have a medicated or moisturizing lotion that works well, but has a scent or fragrance that you find overpowering, (or worse, unpleasant) there is hope! The little miracle otherwise known as baking soda can remove the undesirable scent without impairing the lotion's function. Baking soda doesn't just mask the odor, it neutralizes the offending molecules that produce the smell. The key to removing the scent from lotion lies in understanding how to add it to the lotion while keeping it well blended for each use. Soon, you will have an odor-free lotion that you can use with confidence!]]>
The Best Unscented Body Lotion http://www.typef.com/article/unscented-body-lotion/ Tue, 11 Oct 2011 07:36:13 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/unscented-body-lotion/
Sometimes, all your body calls for is a little good, old-fashioned moisture. If your skin is feeling rough, dry and slightly neglected, all you need is a basic, no-frills body lotion that will provide you with ample hydration and nourishment. To soften up your skin -- from your elbows to your knees -- look into the many effective unscented body lotion options out there.]]>
Homemade Coconut Milk Skin Lotion http://www.typef.com/article/homemade-coconut-milk-skin-lotion/ Fri, 07 Oct 2011 20:06:27 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/homemade-coconut-milk-skin-lotion/
You don't have to fly to Fiji to get a little bit of tropical pampering in your life. Coconut milk is naturally rich in the types of nutrients your skin needs to stay hydrated and glowing. Expensive over-the-counter lotions that contain coconut milk will do the trick. However, you can save your money and create a coconut lotion to suit your skin needs in your own kitchen.]]>
How to Make an Oatmeal Infusion Water for Lotions http://www.typef.com/article/make-oatmeal-infusion-water-lotions/ Tue, 04 Oct 2011 12:02:10 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/make-oatmeal-infusion-water-lotions/
You could slather all kinds of complicated concoctions over your sweet skin -- many of which contain chemicals that you can’t pronounce or even decipher. Your kitchen probably contains ingredients that your skin would love instead. Make an oatmeal infusion water for lotions. Oatmeal gives skin necessary nutrients and it soothes your skin naturally. After infusing the water with the benefits of oatmeal, you’ll be ready to whip up your lotion.]]>
The Differences of Lotions & Creams http://www.typef.com/article/differences-lotions-creams/ Sun, 02 Oct 2011 10:53:44 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/differences-lotions-creams/ The Best Skin-Care Lotion for Black Spots http://www.typef.com/article/skin-care-lotion-black-spots/ Thu, 29 Sep 2011 09:37:49 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/skin-care-lotion-black-spots/
Dark spots and discoloration on your skin can be frustrating and depressing. After all, makeup can only cover so much and it has to come off at the end of the day. Instead of trying to simply conceal the irksome spots that are often caused by sun exposure and aging, figure out what you can do to get rid of them for good. Fortunately, many facial moisturizers are geared toward brightening and evening out skin tone. The important part is discovering the one product that is perfect for your skin type and needs.]]>
The Best Type of Lotion for Anti-Aging Skin http://www.typef.com/article/type-lotion-anti-aging-skin/ Thu, 29 Sep 2011 09:24:49 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/type-lotion-anti-aging-skin/
Although you may obsess over the appearance of lines on your face, the signs of aging do not stop there. With the aging process, the skin all over your body tends to lose elasticity and resilience, leaving you looking less toned. Instead of crying about your loss of firmness over a pint of pistachio ice cream, take action! An anti-aging skin lotion is a good way to proceed. Just make sure you select one that is appropriate for your personal skin-care needs.]]>
The Best Glow Lotion http://www.typef.com/article/glow-lotion/ Sat, 24 Sep 2011 13:41:10 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/glow-lotion/
Not many things can be sexier and more inviting than skin with a natural looking, healthy glow. Tinted body lotions can help you accomplish that goal even in the dead of winter. If you want to energize your look with a bit of color and radiance, your best option is to use a glow-enhancing body lotion.]]>
Good Oils for Homemade Lotions http://www.typef.com/article/good-oils-homemade-lotions/ Wed, 21 Sep 2011 18:27:58 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/good-oils-homemade-lotions/
If you’ve searched store after store for the perfect lotion with no luck, why not make your own custom moisturizer? Making lotion doesn’t have to be a monumental undertaking; it can be a relaxing craft that allows you to fully customize your lotion for your specific skin type. Oil is an essential base for most lotions, and a variety of oils can be selected for your custom creation.]]>
The Best Body Lotion for Restoring Skin http://www.typef.com/article/body-lotion-restoring-skin/ Wed, 21 Sep 2011 10:08:57 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/body-lotion-restoring-skin/
Everyone wants silky, smooth and flawless skin, but a variety of factors, including cold weather and emotional stress, can lead to dull, dry and lifeless skin. If your less-than-perfect skin situation has you hiding under too many layers of clothing, stop wasting time moping and invest in an effective replenishing body lotion.]]>
The Best Lotion for Legs http://www.typef.com/article/lotion-legs/ Sat, 17 Sep 2011 21:55:23 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/lotion-legs/
Not many things can help a girl rock an outfit better than a gorgeous pair of legs. When it comes to envy-inducing legs, however, it's not solely about the length or shape. For truly sexy gams, the first step is having soft, smooth and even skin. Thankfully, a trusty body lotion can help you accomplish this -- easily.]]>
The Best Foot Lotion Cream http://www.typef.com/article/foot-lotion-cream/ Mon, 05 Sep 2011 07:37:20 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/foot-lotion-cream/
Feet often take lots of abuse -- especially from women who like to wear stilettos. It's not practical to go to the salon every day for a soak and pedicure, but there are simple things you can do at home to feel pampered -- and keep blisters under control. Take a couple of minutes every day to use a good foot moisturizing cream, and your soles will stay smooth and callous-free.]]>
The Best Lotion for Extreme Dry Skin on Hands http://www.typef.com/article/lotion-extreme-dry-skin-hands/ Wed, 31 Aug 2011 21:58:41 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/lotion-extreme-dry-skin-hands/
Dry, rough hands are no fun for anyone. The last thing you want to do is shake the hand of a potential employer or hold hands with your boo and feel like your hands are being judged. Instead of suffering with hands that are as arid as to Gobi dessert, slip on some super-moisturizing lotion that's sure to transform your hands from dry to soft and supple.]]>
Should I Put Lotion on After Exfoliating? http://www.typef.com/article/should-put-lotion-after-exfoliating/ Mon, 29 Aug 2011 23:48:27 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/should-put-lotion-after-exfoliating/
Exfoliators clean your pores from the inside out. The unexpected side effect? Squeaky clean skin that feels not only cleaned out, but dried out, too. Even the most gentle exfoliator is built to dig deep. Dabbing some lotion on your skin after exfoliating can help you skip this side effect, leaving you with skin that's as moist as it is clean.]]>
How to Compare the Effectiveness of Different Body Lotions http://www.typef.com/article/compare-effectiveness-different-body-lotions/ Wed, 17 Aug 2011 09:58:43 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/compare-effectiveness-different-body-lotions/
If you've ever been teased by your friends for having feet that look like you've been kicking flour, you know how important it is to have the right body lotion. Searching for a body lotion that fits your skin type and needs isn't such a simple feat. Even if you apply some brands of lotion, the elements (like cold winds) can eliminate the moisturizing effects quickly and dry out the skin again. You can do a simple test to compare the effectiveness of different body lotions.]]>
The Best Lotion to Relieve Itching http://www.typef.com/article/lotion-relieve-itching/ Tue, 16 Aug 2011 11:39:05 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/lotion-relieve-itching/
Stop scratching! Itchy skin is maddening, but constant scratching will just irritate your skin even more. Discover the cause of your itchy skin, whether it results from allergic reactions or bug bites, and keep the itching at bay by treating your skin irritation with the best products for the job.]]>
Lotion is Making My Skin Dry http://www.typef.com/article/lotion-making-skin-dry/ Fri, 12 Aug 2011 09:16:00 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/lotion-making-skin-dry/
Lotion's designed to keep your skin soft, supple and moisturized. Right? If you apply lotion religiously, you're probably wondering what's up with your cracking, itchy dry skin. The truth is that lotion often contains alcohol, which dries out your skin. This may prompt you to use more lotion, which makes it worse. Fortunately, you can stop this cycle by switching moisturizers and taking other steps to protect your skin.]]>
The Best Lotion for Elbows http://www.typef.com/article/lotion-elbows/ Wed, 03 Aug 2011 11:38:36 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/lotion-elbows/
Sometimes, the weather (I'm looking at you, Old Man Winter!) and indoor heating can suck the moisture right out of your skin. Other gals just have naturally dry skin. Either way, you need to do something about that scaly hide and get it looking human again. To really get deep into the skin and hydrate, you need a heavy-duty lotion that works overtime and leaves your skin feeling soft, not greasy. The best lotions will moisturize over time to leave you softer, and your dry, rough elbows will be a thing of the past. And guess what? It'll work on other rough, dry spots, too, like knees, heels and the area around your ankles.]]>
How to Apply Toning Lotion http://www.typef.com/article/apply-toning-lotion/ Fri, 29 Jul 2011 16:49:48 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/apply-toning-lotion/
Toning lotion is also known as firming lotion. These lotions promise firm skin and cellulite reduction from a bottle, whether you buy them at a speciality beauty salon or your local drugstore. A common ingredient is caffeine, which helps to tighten skin -- temporarily. Hop on to a review forum and a lot of women say they see results as long as they're diligent about application and are patient. It takes four to six weeks to see results. Experts say that there is no scientific evidence the ingredients give anything but a temporary fix.]]>
What Are the Benefits of Peppermint Lotion for Legs & Feet? http://www.typef.com/article/benefits-peppermint-lotion-legs-feet/ Mon, 18 Jul 2011 19:27:18 -0700 http://www.typef.com/article/benefits-peppermint-lotion-legs-feet/
Peppermint lotion has long been touted as an herbal remedy for everything from upset stomachs to use as an antiseptic. You can rein these properties for use on tired legs and feet by applying it topically with a peppermint lotion. Not only will this conditioning lotion be a treat for your senses with its invigorating smell, but it also will refresh and revitalize tired toes, feet and legs.]]>
How to Put Lotion on the Skin http://www.typef.com/video/put-lotion-skin/ Thu, 24 Feb 2011 08:00:00 -0800 http://www.typef.com/video/put-lotion-skin/
Before you put lotion or moisturizer on your skin, clean the skin carefully and then rub the lotion in your hands, warming it up so it will cover more evenly. Learn all about lotion in this free video on beauty and skin care.]]>