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The Hourglass Shape - TrendShaping

Hourglass Celebs

Your curves are just right; your waist is small. So flaunt what God gave you and hit the streets in style like these celeb hourglass beauties. Read More 

How to Choose a Black Dress for an Hourglass Shape

If you have the classic hourglass shape, congratulations! You've won Mother Nature's genetic lottery. Many styles are flattering to you, but with a few tips and tricks, you can raise the sizzle factor. How do you adorn all of that fabulous feminine pulchritude in the perfect LBD (little black dress)? First, realize that hourglass bodies come in one shape, but in all sizes. There are general fashion guidelines that apply to all hourglasses, (including those slender to average in weight/size) and additional guidelines for the more voluptuous (curvier breasts and hips, or plus-sizes). Make the most of your shapely assets! Read More 

Swimsuits That Flatter Every Body Shape

Say goodbye to the dreaded days of swimsuit shopping. Finding that perfect swimsuit to highlight your gorgeous body is easier than ever, once you find out what your body shape is and how to flaunt it. The beautiful thing about women's bodies is that they are all so different, but that's what makes the female form so fascinating. Choosing the right swimsuit is important because you want to highlight your best assets and camouflage those that are less than perfect. Read More 

Maxi-Dresses for an Hourglass Body Shape

Hey, ladies, that spring/summer clothing staple has returned, and the options are endless. Yes, 'tis the season for the maxi-dress and all of the comfort that comes with it. If you have the envied hourglass figure, you may feel a long, flowing maxi-dress hides, or gets lost in, your curves, but you'd be wrong. There are several flattering maxi-dress styles that were made to flaunt and enhance your figure. Read More 

How to Wear Skinny Jeans for an Hourglass Shape

Are you a shapely girl in a skinny world? Let's face it, you've got to have a fearless attitude to wear skinny jeans. Lucky for you, stretch skinny jean styles can flatter an hourglass shape. You can look longer and leaner, which translates to fierce! If you want pull off an outfit that flaunts your shapely body, it's easy. With the right combinations and a bit of savvy, you can wear skinny jeans with confidence, and strut your stuff with the best of them. Read More 


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