Job Interview: Makeup

In this job interview episode of typeF’s Survival Guide, host Lilliana Vazquez highlights makeup and skin tips and tools to ensure you can create a fresh look to enhance your personal style. Watch this video clip for advice on the best makeup to wear while on a job interview.

Video Transcript One of the exciting moments of your life is starting a new job and it all begins with the interview. is here to help you look your professional best so your focus will stay on why you're the best candidate for the position. Join me as we show you fresh natural makeup essentials for a job interview on this episode of typeF Survival Guide. is here to help you look and feel your best in some not so familiar situations. In the typeF Survival Guide Series we look at different scenarios that you may encounter and provide you with solutions to face these challenging fashion and beauty situations. Hi I'm celebrity stylist and typeF expert, Lilliana Vazquez. A job interview can make your mind race with hundreds of thoughts so making proper makeup decisions is crucial to feeling confident, staying focused and helping you land the job. Here's what you'll need, foundation or mineral makeup that matches your skin tone, tinted moisturizer, concealer, peach blush, apricot or peach eye shadow, mascara and a natural colored lipstick. Any successful look starts with flawless skin and that's where foundation comes in. Start with a foundation that matches your skin tone. Be sure to sample your foundation before you buy it so you can see how it wears on your skin and looks in natural light. If you are unsure of your skin tone, visit's Just For You Module to personalize your skin tone and discover the right shade for you. Apply a dime size drop to your forehead, cheeks and chin. Then use your fingertips or a brush in a circular motion to thoroughly blend your foundation down to your neck. Mix a dab of sheer skin brightener to your foundation for a great sheer daytime look. If you have acne prone skin, opt for a medium coverage foundation, preferably oil free. Next, apply concealer to any dark circles under your eyes and to any other spots that may need more coverage. Next apply concealer to any dark circles under your eyes and to any other spots that may need more coverage. Cream concealer works best. For dark under eye circles use a concealer with a pink undertone. It will help brighten the area under the eyes, just a light layer of loose powder all over your face to set the foundation and help keep it in place. Finish with a hint of peachy colored blush on your cheeks to give you a youthful bright glow. Peach works great to help add warmth to your face while giving you a fresh clean look. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. So you want people to see who you are through your eyes. So here are some tips on creating natural eyes that will evoke not provoke. For a clean professional look always remember less is best, soft browns, apricots and peaches are great natural colors for any daytime work. Line your eyes with a darker brown shadow or a soft pencil to define the eyes but not overpower them, like a liquid or cream liner can. Finally a coat of mascara on the upper lashes will finish this polished and professional look. To get that extra umph for your eyes, fit in an extra hour of sleep, an extra glass of water and try a mask the night before. There's nothing wrong with a little lip color but remember, this is your potential future employer. So save the bright red lips for a night out on the town or the company holiday party. Instead go for a light neutral shade such as an Earthy brown or peach. Choose a lipstick that has the same tonal properties as your makeup so it complements your overall look. Avoid using colors that are too bright or too dark that will contrast with the rest of your look. Think of lipstick as the finishing touch. Once you're finished applying your makeup, grab a mirror and either go near a window or step outside and check your look in natural light. Nothing can reveal makeup mishaps like the natural light of the sun. The right makeup will give you the confidence to make a great first impression in any environment. So use your makeup style to look and feel positive and successful. Thanks for joining us and good luck. I'll see you on another episode of typeF's Survival Guide.


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