Concert: Makeup

In this concert episode of typeF’s Survival Guide, host Lilliana Vazquez highlights makeup and skin tips and tools to ensure you can create a rockin’ look to enhance your personal style. Watch this video clip for advice on the best makeup to wear while attending a concert or music festival.

Video Transcript Get ready to glam it up girls, rock star style. The big concert event is here and you know you want to look your best. is here to help you sport a fresh, adventurous look. We have the tools and tips to ensure that you have fun but maintain your true personal style. So join me as we rock a few makeup essentials for heading out to a concert or any music festival on this episode of typeF Survival Guide. is here to help you look and feel your best in some not so familiar situations. In the typeF Survival Guide Series we look at different scenarios that you may encounter and provide you with solutions to face these challenging fashion and beauty situations. Hi I'm fashion stylist and typeF expert, Lilliana Vazquez. There's nothing like the excitement of a concert. The beat of the music, your favorite band and good friends to share the moment. So it's time to glam up an already dazzling you. The general rule for makeup of any type is style plus durability equals fabulous. Here's what you're going to need, foundation or mineral makeup, tinted moisturizer, blush, metallic eye shadow, eyeliner, powder, waterproof mascara and lip gloss. Whether you're going to a daytime, nighttime or outdoor concert, the foundation for a concert look is well, the foundation. Keep this simple, natural and fresh. For outdoor concerts start by applying a good sunblock to protect your face. The higher the sun protection the better so go with a SPF of 15 or more depending on your skin tone. Apply concealer to any red areas on your skin. Next, apply your foundation which should match your natural skin tone. You can also use a tinted moisturizer or mineral makeup for lighter coverage but make sure you blend your foundation thoroughly with a foundation brush, sponge or even just your ring finger. For a nighttime concert, step up the foundation by using one with a silicone base that has more staying power. Then use loose powder to set the foundation and reduce overall shine. Finish with a sweep or two of rosy or peach blush that matches your natural skin tone. Remember, darker hues look better on darker skin while a lighter palette works best for fair skin. Make sure you put on enough to ensure you don't look washed out in photographs. You're going to be dancing, talking and laughing so your cheeks are going to be flushed in their natural color, so let them glow. The eyes are the windows to the soul and in this case, your eyes are the window to your rock and roll soul. So a dark smoky eye can make a serious impact for a nighttime show. Go for bright colors along the eyelid with a black or metallic gray color blended along the crease. This will create a smoky eye effect that looks fabulous but make sure to use the styles and tones that highlight your eye shape and color. If you're unsure of what colors work best for your eyes and skin tone, visit typeF's "Just For You Module". Next, apply eyeliner. Using the liner start from the middle of the upper lash line working out ward to create a thin line and retrace it to make it thicker. For a winged look that lifts and accentuates, add a swoop to the outer corner of the eye just past the end. Use a double dose of waterproof mascara to make your eyes dazzle. Follow up your brilliant eyes with luscious lips. The lipstick you choose should complement the eye makeup and your skin tone without creating a ton of contrast. Focus on highlighting either the eyes or the lips with a more dramatic color. Too much on the eyes and the lips can be too much for your face and can easily cross over to clown-like. If you've created a smoky eye, you should apply a light glossy natural or nude shape to keep the focus on the eyes. If you've chosen a simpler eye style, then go for a bright bold lipstick color such as plum, red or even a hot pink and remember, always blot your lips after the first application and then reapply to guarantee a more lasting effect. You want to enjoy the show and not get bogged down carrying an entire case of makeup but with such a long event you're going to need some quick touch-ups. So bring a compact, blush, lip gloss and blotting papers. Well, that's it, a quick look at a few makeup tips to help you look ultra fab and glamorous at any concert event. Thanks for joining us and I'll see you on another episode of typeF Survival Guide.


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Fashion stylist and typeF expert Lilliana Vazquez looks at different scenarios you may encounter and provides fashion and beauty solutions that will help you face any event or situation looking your best. She shows you tips and tools to ensure that you can create looks that enhance you without sacrificing your personal style. typeF's survival guide has tips for these events and more. So click through the videos and learn how to make the most of your personal style for any situation.

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