Concert: Hair

In this concert episode of typeF’s Survival Guide, host Lilliana Vazquez highlights hair styling tips to ensure you can create a rockin’ look to enhance your personal style. Watch this video clip for advice on how to style your hair while attending a concert or music festival.

Video Transcript You're heading out to a music festival, and thinking about a fabulous concert look. And, that's where we come in. is here to help make sure your hair rules while you're rocking out to your favorite band. Join me as we show you concert hair essentials that will put you in the spotlight, on this episode of typeF Survival Guide. is here to help you look and feel your best in some not-so-familiar situations. In the typeF Survival Guide series, we look at different scenarios that you may encounter, and provide you with solutions to face these challenging fashion and beauty situations. Hi, I'm fashion stylist and typeF expert Lilliana Vazquez. Hair at a concert can be bold, and even a little wild, and your hair will definitely end up this way, so make it seem like that's the look you were going for. In this episode, we'll take a look at some simple, easy-to-manage, natural styles that will keep you rocking on. Here's what you're going to need: Hairspray, mousse, hair ties, leave-in conditioner, styling wax, a blow dryer a wide-tooth comb, and a round brush. Now, if you're going to an outdoor concert in warm weather, you want to think about comfort as much as style. For long, thick hair, straight or curly, you should think about wearing it up. After shampooing, towel dry your hair and apply a lightweight hairspray. Brush through, and dry your hair with a blow dryer. To create more volume, work a small amount of mousse through the hair at the back of your head. Then, make a ponytail by gathering most of your hair with one hand. Use a hair tie to create a high ponytail in the back. This quick, easy, messy ponytail is a great relaxed option that looks more stylish and loose the more you rock out. Concerts are a time when you can really experiment with your hair, especially with short hair. If you have curly, short hair, you need to just embrace your natural look. Create a little volume and texture with the mousse, and scrunch it into place. Then, set it with a light hairspray to tame the fly aways, and let the music take it away. The same applies to longer hair. Towel dry your hair, and spray a leave-in conditioner throughout. Air dry, and then run a small amount of anti-frizz serum to finish the look. Hats are also a fun option for a concert, because they work with any type of length of hair, and they can add a chic style to your look while keeping your hair manageable. But, keep your hat choices to styles that are not too big and bulky. There are people behind you that actually want to see the band. Rock a floppy hat, and let the long locks flow. The good news is, this hat works great for longer face shapes. A stylish fedora is ideal for square or triangular faces, while round and oval faces can rock a trendy newsboy cap. Remember ladies, the point of a concert or music festival is to let loose, have fun, and look great. So, this is a time for your hair to shine. Always pack extra bobby pins, hair ties, and hairspray. I guarantee you'll need them at some point. If your hair starts to limp out, a few touch-ups will revive your look in seconds. Thanks for joining us, and I'll see you on another episode of typeF Survival Guide.


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Fashion stylist and typeF expert Lilliana Vazquez looks at different scenarios you may encounter and provides fashion and beauty solutions that will help you face any event or situation looking your best. She shows you tips and tools to ensure that you can create looks that enhance you without sacrificing your personal style. typeF's survival guide has tips for these events and more. So click through the videos and learn how to make the most of your personal style for any situation.

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