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In this concert episode of typeF’s Survival Guide, host Lilliana Vazquez highlights fashion tips and tools to ensure you can create a rockin’ to enhance your personal style. Watch this video clip for advice on what to wear while attending a concert or music festival.

Video Transcript It's time to party like a rock star! Well, okay, maybe just look like one. If you're going to a concert, this is an opportunity to get in touch with your wild side. will make sure your outfit is rock star fabulous. We have the tools and tips to ensure that you look and feel amazing at any type of concert or music festival, while not straying beyond your everyday style. So, join me as we rock and roll out a few fashion ideas for concerts on this episode of typeF Survival Guide. is here to help you look and feel your best in some not-so-familiar situations. In the typeF Survival Guide series, we look at different scenarios that you may encounter, and provide you with solutions to face these challenging fashion and beauty situations. Hi, I'm fashion stylist and typeF expert Lilliana Vazquez. There are many factors to consider when choosing a look for a live music event. Weather, style of music, and even your body shape are some of the things you'll need to think about. No matter what time of year, inside or out, the concert you plan on going to will get hot with hundreds of dancing fans around you. So, you'll want to dress accordingly. Let's take a look at a few fashion-forward ideas that will help you keep in-tune with the music. You might be dancing for long periods of time, so you'll want clothes that fit your shape well and are comfortable. If you're slim or petite, you can sport a chic look with a leopard print or torn skinny jeans, and a sexy modern v-neck shirt with a little embellishment. This works for both indoor and outdoor events, and it fits in with rock, country, jazz, and even some hip hop shows. If you're bottom curvy, look for a boat neck tee or a v-neck shirt in bright colors, patterns, or even one with a little sparkle. These work because they draw the eye upward. Pair it with a dark bootcut or wide leg bottom to balance out your shape. For your full-figured women, try a sexy off-the-shoulder top, and pair it with a straight leg or bootcut pant or jean in a similar color palette to create a long lean line. But, avoid any details on your pants, as it adds extra weight to your shape. A good boot will compliment any of these styles, but remember, you're probably going to be on your feet for a while. If you expect to be on a grass field, maybe in the mud, or even on the concrete of an arena floor, then comfortable boots are both fashion savvy and practical. A motorcycle boot, or even a stylish hollow low-heeled boot is a great option. However, skip the flip flops. They can fly off, give you unsightly blisters, and cause pain due to the exposure from people stepping on your toes, or worse, enduring a trip to the Porta Potties. Accessories can be an important part of your outfit too, but trust me, it's not a time to have a lot of stuff to keep track of, so keep it simple. Choose fabulous rock star-inspired pieces that make a splash all on their own, like a statement necklace or stacked leather wrap bracelets. And, choose fashionable but simple earrings. Chandeliers are too cumbersome for a concert. You don't want them clanging around when you're dancing. Now, for outdoor festivals, you can't forget the shades. They're a concert must. With hundreds of styles to choose from, be sure to match your sunglasses with your outfit, your hair, and the shape of your face. A retro sunglass shape can add a vintage feel. Or, oversized glasses can scream "rock and roll!" But, make sure they fit, because it's not just about the style, it's also about the sunglasses suiting your face. Now, if you're unsure of your face shape, just visit typeF's Just for You module. So, if you're heading out to a concert or music festival, remember to make some noise and choose a style that's outside your day to day look. Show off your wild side, and put together a fabulous look that will last all night long and that can even work at other events. Thanks for joining us, and I'll see you on another episode of typeF Survival Guide.


typeF's Survival Guide is your go-to guide for any style situation.

Fashion stylist and typeF expert Lilliana Vazquez looks at different scenarios you may encounter and provides fashion and beauty solutions that will help you face any event or situation looking your best. She shows you tips and tools to ensure that you can create looks that enhance you without sacrificing your personal style. typeF's survival guide has tips for these events and more. So click through the videos and learn how to make the most of your personal style for any situation.

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