Yogurt Conditioner Benefits for Black Hair

Instead of enjoying it with fruits, add yogurt to your hair to boost its general health and shine.

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Yogurt hair conditioners are beneficial for black hair simply because they incorporate natural ingredients that are way more nourishing than processed products that are full of nasty chemicals. A homemade yogurt conditioner is usually made from a natural organic yogurt, which is automatically full of nature's finest vitamins, proteins and nourishing goodness. The properties of a yogurt conditioner are perfectly suited to black hair, which generally -- very much like most other hair types -- suffers from dehydration, brittleness, weakness, split ends and dryness.


Organic yogurt -- due to its fermentation process -- is naturally rich in oils, especially if mixed with eggs and mayonnaise. The mixture allows dry, brittle ends to be nourished and moisturized. Once your hair is moisturized, it is less likely to break; fatty acids in the yogurt give your hair the necessary elasticity to withstand the pressures of everyday styling without breaking or having a harsh, dry texture.


Natural yogurt is full of zinc, calcium and protein. Yogurt also includes vitamins B-1, B-2, B-6 and B-12. Black hair is commonly weakened by chemical and heat processing and thus suffers from extreme weakness and breakage. With these hard-hitting natural benefits, your hair will naturally become stronger and more robust. The vitamins will feed your follicles, and the protein will add to -- and strengthen -- your hair strands and fibers.


Zinc and protein, while strengthening your hair, also encourage it to grow and allow the ends to remain stronger. Black hair is constantly growing; the issue is, however, that the ends are breaking simultaneously. An organic hair conditioner will strengthen and bind your ends while nourishing roots to encourage growth.


As long as you choose an organic yogurt conditioner or make a homemade batch with natural organic yogurt, you can reap the benefits of the oils found in organic yogurts. A yogurt conditioner's naturally moisturizing properties mean that hair strands are loosened and the overall texture of your hair is transformed and softened. This contributes to the overall manageability and movement of your hair. Yogurt conditioners make hair much softer to the touch and easier to comb through.

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