Does Yellow Concealer Help With Face Redness?

Blend yellow concealer with your fingertips to disguise redness.

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Red is a hot color for your favorite stilettos or that sexy new push-up bra, but it’s certainly not a sexy color for your skin. Skin redness is a complex issue caused by a number of factors ranging from cold weather to allergic reactions, but in most cases it’s not a permanent problem. Concealer is made to even out skin tone and cover blemishes, and a yellow-based concealer reduces redness and leaves your skin a single shade of sexy.

What Causes Redness?

Facial redness is a complex condition caused by a multitude of issues, both internal and external. Many women with normally fair complexions battle redness as the dry air and biting winds of winter come around. Harsh soap dries out skin, as does hard, mineral-laden water, causing redness. Temporary rashes may spring up as a result of new beauty products, and these normally go away within a few days. If your redness persists for more than a week, rosacea may be to blame. Only your doctor can diagnose and recommend treatment for rosacea, so schedule an appointment for prolonged redness.

Why Yellow Concealer?

Yellow is one of the best shades to disguise unwanted redness over the nose, cheeks and forehead. It may seem counterproductive to put yellow-based makeup on your skin, especially if you’re very pale or extremely tan, but the golden hue plays a trick on the eyes to minimize the appearance of redness. Yellow mellows the glaring differences between red patches and normal skin, coating affected areas in a thin layer of makeup that plays down the redness and emphasizes the natural shade of your skin.

Prepare the Skin

Proper concealer application begins with fresh, clean skin. Wash your face with a moisturizing facial bar, exfoliating gently with a rag as you wash. Rinse with cool water, blot skin dry and dab on a little of your fave oil-free face cream. Let the cream soak in for at least 10 minutes to avoid greasy streaks and spotting under your makeup. If you’ve got oily or combination skin, apply cream only to dry spots to eliminate flakes and prevent an overall greasy look.


Apply concealer only to the red spot, or your face will look blotchy and uneven. Apply a small dot of concealer to the red mark with a brush or sponge, and dot it gently over the skin with your fingertips. The heat from your fingers encourages the concealer to melt into your skin for even coverage. Blend from the inside out, working carefully along the edge to blend and feather the concealer into normal-toned skin. Dust on a little translucent setting powder with a clean brush to set the concealer over your perfectly toned skin.

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