How to Get Yellow Blonde Hair to White Blonde

Getting platinum blond hair usually requires bleaching the hair first.

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Girl, for the ultimate in blond-bombshell hair, it doesn't get any better than going platinum. Platinum is the palest of blond hues that many refer to as white blond. To achieve that cool, platinum blond you first have to get your hair to a very pale yellow color, then tone out that yellow hue. Do keep in mind that platinum blond is a serious commitment that requires regular touch ups to keep dark roots from peeking through. Are you up for the challenge? Good. Let's get this platinum party started.

Getting to Pale Yellow


If your hair is more canary than butter, lighten it up. Mix a level 10 permanent hair color with a 20-volume developer in a color bowl. Snap on some protective latex gloves.


Apply the hair color to 1/2-inch-wide sections of hair, one at a time, starting 1/2 inch from the scalp and moving all the way to the ends of your hair. Don't apply the color to the root area just yet, because the heat from your head will make the color lighten faster --- producing what would definitely not be the cool kind of two-dimensional color.


When all your hair has color on it, go back over your entire head and apply the color to those 1/2-inch roots. Don't fret about the first round of color being on the hair for a while. Color stops working after 30 minutes, so your roots will catch up.


Set a timer for 30 minutes. The mid-shaft and ends of your hair should be looking less canary-like by now. Keep an eye on those roots for when they have turned the same color as the rest of your hair. If it happens before 30 minutes is up, rinse. Let your eyes be your guide.


At the end of 30 minutes rinse the color from your hair. It should now be a pale-yellow color. This means you're right on track for the platinum express. Now it's time to get toned.

Going From Pale Yellow to Platinum


OK, let's mix up that toner. Combine a level nine semi-permanent hair color with a 10-volume developer. Some level nine toners have a violet drabber built in to create an icy, platinum blond, but if not, add a cap full of a violet drabber to achieve the same effect. Mixe these in a color bottle so it's easy to apply to your hair. Now shake it up, baby, to mix the color and developer thoroughly.


Don your latex gloves so you don't get any color on your hands or nails --- hair color is a manicure wrecker. Squeeze the color onto the hair with one hand while massaging it into the hair, from root to tip, with the other hand. Really get in there, girl, and coat that hair. You want that yellow gone for good.


Set a timer for 20 minutes. When the time is up, wash that yellow right out of your hair. Rinse your hair thoroughly and slather some conditioner for colored hair onto those ultra-light tresses. Let that soak in for a minute and rinse well.


Call your girlfriends and make some plans. A hair color that fab needs some showing off!

Things You'll Need


1.20-volume developer

3.Level nine semi-permanent color

5.Violet drabber

2.Latex gloves

4.10-volume developer

6.Conditioner for colored hair


Tips & Tricks


If your hair is already a pale blond shade, don't lighten it further. Skip straight to the toning technique.

If your hair is showing excessive dryness or breakage, don't lighten it further with permanent hair color. Visit your stylist, who can recommend a hair care regimen to get that hair back in shape, and fast.


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