How to Wrap a Scarf Like a Hipster

Learn how to wear scarves with style, and put your collection to use.

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Scarves have become the epitome of hipster-cool. It's very rare to see street-style savvy hipsters without a scarf effortlessly wrapped around their neck. Yet, when we go home to try and duplicate the look, we bungle it by tying the knot too tight, wearing the scarf too high up the neck or worrying about where the fringe should lie. In short: we try too hard.

What makes the scarf look cool, is not caring whether or not it looks cool.


Spread the scarf out in front of you. Fold the square in half, corner to corner, to create a triangle shape. Stagger the corners by 1 to 2 inches to create a more fashion-forward look.


Hold the scarf with both hands, with each hand holding the narrow corners of the triangle. Center the hanging points against the middle of your chest.


Wrap the narrow ends around the back of your neck, crossing them over to the opposite hand than where they started. Pull the narrow ends to tighten the drape of the front of the scarf. Be sure to leave it relaxed and loose; there should be at least 2 inches in between your neck and the cowl of the scarf. This gives you that desired laissez-fair attitude in your look.


Wrap the narrow ends around your neck again, if there is enough material to allow for this. This step depends on your own personal preference; try different options to see which works best for your style sensibility.


Tuck the narrow ends through the looped areas around your neck, if you don't have much fabric leftover. If the remaining narrow ends are as long, or longer, than the front dropped triangle, then leave them dangling at the front. No tucking or knotting is required.

Things You'll Need


1.Large square scarf


Tips & Tricks


Keep the front drape loose, with many folds and pleats. The looser the scarf is draped, the more 'effortless' it looks; this appeals to the hipster elite

Be careful not to pull the scarf too tightly around the neck so you don't choke or have your skin irritated by the material. Angry red marks are definitely NOT fierce!


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Christina DaSilva; BCBG Stylist; Vancouver, British Columbia

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