How to Wrap Hair to Make it Straight

Wrap hair overnight for a straighter style in the morning.

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Exploring techniques for making your hair straight (or straighter than it already is)? Consider hair wrapping. Wrapping hair is the process of combing it in a circular pattern around the head then setting it in place. When it is released, the hair is usually straighter and simpler to manage. It works for just about all hair types so go ahead and give it a try.


Add a light moisturizer or smoothing product to the hair. Try to find a product that nourishes while adding shine. If your hair is very tangled, curly or difficult to comb, use a leave-in detangling product first.


Comb the hair down all around your head from the crown to the back with a wide-toothed comb. The hair should fall over the entire head including the sides, back and over the front of the face.


Hold the very top of your head with the tips of your fingers using one hand. Use the other hand to start combing the hair in a circular motion (clockwise) around the top of the hair.


Continue combing the hair in a clockwise fashion. You may have to start combing from different sides of the head to get the hair to stay in place. It could take a few minutes, so be patient yet determined. When done, the head of hair should be wrapped up and look similar to a beehive.


Brush the hair in the same circular motion to set it in place . Spritz it with a shine or anti-frizz product if you want.


Wrap a silk scarf around the "beehive" and tie it at the back tightly. Silk scarves help prevent hair breakage. Leave the silk scarf on for at least a few hours and overnight if possible.


Comb the hair out in a slow downward motion and style it as desired.

Things You'll Need


1.Wide-toothed comb

3.Leave-in smoothing or anti-frizz product

2.Boar bristled brush

4.Silk or satin scarf


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