Why Won't My Hair Curl With a Curling Iron?

Either the curling iron or your hair has gone on strike.

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The curling iron is truly a marvel of modern woman, but it does not always seem to help. If your hair won't hold a curl when you use your curling iron, there is probably a very simple reason for this annoying problem that comes with an equally simple fix.

Not Hot Enough --- (Not You, the Curling Iron)

If your hair simply won't curl with your curling iron, you might not have it on the appropriate setting. Most curling irons come with three settings --- low, medium and high. In some cases, the curling iron has specific temperature settings. If you're not using the highest setting possible, you may have to bump it up a bit. Some hair types need a bit more heat to form and hold the curl.

Product or Heat Overdose

If your hair is weighed down with products, oil or dirt, it is harder to make it curl. For instance, if you've been getting too intimate with the hair spray lately, that might be why your curling iron is ignoring your calls at the moment. The simple fix here is to wash your hair thoroughly. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove all the old buildup before you condition and dry your hair. You can also sparingly use a hair spritzing product that specifically helps hold curls after washing. In some cases, heat overdose between washing can also be the culprit. Basically, your hair says "no more." It can't take the heat anymore and is devoid of the moisture it needs. Again, washing and conditioning it thoroughly can help in this case.

Wrong Size Iron

Another potential reason why your hair just will not curl is because you're using the wrong curling iron. If the curling iron is too large for your hair it might not be able to properly catch a curl. Quick rule of thumb --- if you can't wrap your hair around the barrel of the curling iron at least twice, it's probably just too big.

Hot Roller Alternative

You don't always have to use a curling iron to get the curls you crave. If you have a little time (at least an hour before you have to go), hot rollers may do the trick instead. The rollers heat up after a few minutes, then you can place them throughout your hair. Whichever hot curling option you choose, spray your hair with thermal protector product to guard it from the potential damaging effects of the heat.

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