Women's Hairstyles for Round Faces & Fine Thin Hair


Awww ... the sweet, friendly nature of a round face instantly inspires you to reach out and pinch those cherub cheeks that are impossible to ignore. Since a round face is essentially the same shape in length and width, you need hairstyles that add depth and dimension without creating additional width. Fine hair lacks texture and thickness, so selected hairstyles should equally celebrate this hair type and add volume as well.


In itself, a pixie haircut is short, sweet and adorable, but when you pair it with a round face, the result is just too good to be true. When you decide to wear your hair in a pixie style, you're committing to putting your facial features on full display, so make sure that it looks hot. The most important element of a pixie for a round face and thin hair, is to create a nice amount of height at the crown. Having height at the crown of your pixie will add length to your short, round face, while also creating the illusion of thickness that your fine strands need.

Long Bob

Adding needed length and dimension to a round face, a long bob is one of the hottest styles. The key component of any bob haircut is a precise cut that is fashioned with tons of layers incorporated throughout to encourage movement and thickness that your fine hair lacks. A long bob should hit at the bottom of the neck and lightly touch the decolletage area, which opens up your entire round face. The best finishing elements for your long bob include a middle part that adds length to the face, and side swept bangs to break up the one-dimensional length of your rounded facial shape.

Long and Straight

Classic and elegant, long and straight hair is the perfect way to accentuate your round face shape. Since a round face lacks any length or dimension, opting to wear long hair is an ideal choice because it tricks the eye by creating the illusion of length and definition. This hairstyle is also fabulous for fine hair because of its easy ability to move and you can add volume at the crown with just a little teasing and shaping. Quick tip: For this style to look its best, invest in a good flat iron to get your locks super straight and a pomade to tame any stray hairs.

Soft Curls

Certain hairstyles instantly give off an air of femininity with hardly any effort. One such style is a head full of soft curls that beg to be touched. However, with a round face you don't ever want curls that fall around the jawline or the cheeks because it adds considerable bulk and width that is unflattering. Instead, opt for curls that are on the longer end of the spectrum to lengthen the face. Curls are also good for fine hair because they add texture and fullness to give your thin strands an easy boost. Quick tip: You can achieve your curls with either an iron or hot rollers.

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