Witch Hazel Remedies for Scalp Buildup

Witch hazel is a safe, natural treatment for different scalp buildups.

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Witch hazel, often combined with olive oil, removes buildup and deeply cleanses and moisturizes the scalp. Buildup damages the scalp and hair bulbs, commonly known as the roots, and puts a serious kink in your hair's health and growth. If your buildup has become a more worrisome problem, like dandruff, witch hazel is a nonabrasive, natural treatment.This inexpensive antiseptic and astringent is a natural skin cleanser and moisturizer.

Product Buildup

Witch hazel is safe enough to be applied directly to your scalp without any side effects or added ingredients, as often as necessary to remove buildup. Many styling products stick to the scalp and after repeated use, a layer of buildup covers your scalp. This buildup clogs the pores, preventing hair growth and possibly causing scalp irritations. There's no magic trick to using witch hazel to remove product buildup. Add a generous amount of witch hazel to your scalp and use your fingers to massage it into the skin. Leave on for another 10 minutes and shampoo and condition normally.

Dry Skin

Products are just one type of buildup that damages the scalp and hair and stunts hair growth. As the top skin layer dies, clusters of dead cells are left on the scalp. If the dead skin isn't removed regularly, it continues to build up as the skin cells goes through the natural growth process. Combining one part witch hazel with two parts olive oil and 2 tablespoons of table salt creates a safe, natural scalp exfoliant. Apply the combination to your scalp, massaging it deep into the tissue for 10 minutes. Leave the exfoliant in place for 30 minutes and finish up with your normal washing routine.

Oil Buildup

Many women experience the exact opposite of dry scalp. Because the scalp is essentially skin, if you have oily skin then you probably have an oily scalp. Sebum, the scalp's natural oil, is produced at regular intervals but oily skin types overproduce the oil. Add styling products and chemicals like perms and dyes and your scalp turns into an oil rig. Coat your scalp in witch hazel and wrap your head in a warm towel fresh from the dryer. Leave it in place until the towel cools and shampoo your hair. Use conditioner sparingly; focus on the ends of your hair and avoid the root area or the oil buildup will begin again.

Scalp Disorders

Disorders like dandruff, psoriasis and eczema create a heavy buildup of dry skin, causing your scalp to shed white flakes, excessively itch and in worst case scenarios, red and inflamed rashes. Who needs all those side effects to ruin your beautiful hair? By mixing equal parts witch hazel and olive oil, preferably extra virgin olive oil, a natural remedy is created that not only removes the irritating buildup but treats the disorders and kills any bacteria to reduce inflammation, flaking and itching. As often as needed, apply the mixture to your scalp and massage in for 15 minutes. Leave it on for an additional 15 minutes and wash your hair as normal.

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