Wireless Vs. Underwire Bra

Underwire bras are pretty and sexy, but can be uber uncomfortable.

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It's no surprise to women who've moved past training bras that underwire bras can be uncomfortable. Not to mention they can cause unsightly bulges on your sides. On the other hand, bras without underwires can make your precious girls feel like they've hit Grandma-type lows, so what's a woman to do? Weigh the pros and cons, try some on and decide what's best for you.

The Pros of Underwires

Oh-so-pretty, delicate lingerie bras are made in sheer fabrics and often include underwire support. They lift your breasts and make them look their most voluptuous and attractive. Simple cotton underwire bras also can provide a helpful lift underneath your clothes, if you feel less than perky au naturale. If you want to improve the look of your neckline for a special night out or a date, an underwire is often the bra type of choice.

The Cons of Underwires

One word: ouch. If you're wearing an underwire all day long, you may feel restricted by the time the whistle blows. Underwires can dig into and pinch your skin. If you're wearing a form-fitting top and have a little bit extra to love around your midsection, they can cause unsightly bulges through your clothes, making you look heavier than you are or highlighting a feature you want to keep under wraps.

The Pros of Wireless

Here's another word: freedom. Without wires digging into you, you are much more likely to stay comfortable throughout the day and your sides will lack any unsightly rolls or extra curves. Wireless bras are ideal for exercise; most sports bras don't have any wires. If you're on your way to yoga, a wireless sports bra will allow you the free range of comfortable movement while it keeps your chest supported.

The Cons of Wireless

Many women feel that a wireless bra just doesn't offer the same kind of support that an underwire bra does. Women who are older, who breastfed their babies or whose breasts are large, often find an enemy in that little force called gravity. These women choose to wear a basic underwire on a daily basis, despite its lack of comfort. Wireless bras do offer some support, so women with smaller breasts may be in the clear and able to rock one.

Your Bra Options

When you're choosing a bra, find one with the right fit, above all. You might have an extra difficult time with underwire bras if you're not wearing the right size. The undergarment business has made some strides in recent decades to help address women's concerns about fit and comfort. Some brands have padded underwires that minimize discomfort. While wireless bras come with soft, preformed cups that help to shape and support your breasts via the cups rather than just the bottom. Plus-sized bras come in a wider array of designs than ever to provide lift and comfort both with and without wires. Your best bet is try on as many different styles as you can to decide what's right for you and to purchase different bras for different occasions.

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