How to Whiten a Crocheted Dress

Katie Cassidy wore a white crochet dress to the MTV Movie Awards

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With fashions inspired by the 1970s permeating the glossy pages of fashion magazines, one of the biggest trends to come from the era is the crochet dress. Either short and kicky or long and bohemian, crochet frocks are a breezy way to celebrate summer, especially in shades of white. However, sometimes these ivory numbers take on a more natural, beige color than genuine white so if you have a crochet dress that you would love to be whiter, a few key items and some know-how is all you'll need to brighten it up right.


Fill up your pot with water and bring it to a simmer. Pour in color remover and allow it to dissolve. Be careful when pouring it in -- you don't want the powder get all over the counter top.


Place your crochet dress into the pot and stir until it is completely under the water.


Stirring frequently, allow the dress to sit in the solution for as long as it takes for the fibers to turn white, but no longer than 20 minutes.


Pour the solution into the sink and rinse your dress under cool water to remove excess color remover.


Fill up your sink with warm water and add a capful of Woolite. Place the dress into the sudsy bath and hand wash by carefully scrunching and squeezing the fabric in little bits. Drain the sink and rinse the dress under cool, clean water.


Place the dress flat on a towel and roll it up inside. Gently press the towel to release any excess moisture from the dress.


Lay the dress on a dry towel and allow it to air dry.

Things You'll Need


1.Color remover (like one made by Rit or iDye)

3.Woolite laundry soap

5.Long metal spoon

2.Large stainless steel pot

4.Rubber gloves

6.Two large towels


Tips & Tricks


Always lay a crochet dress flat when drying; hanging it will cause the dress to stretch out. Do not use bleach on any crochet garment since crochet is too delicate to withstand the harshness of bleach.


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