Wedding Dress Shapes for a Top Curvy Figure

Pick the right wedding dress to flatter your upper body curves.

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If there's one thing to be said about your figure, it isn't that it's lacking in curves. When it comes to your upper body, you know how to fill out a dress and look good doing it. But when it comes to picking your wedding gown, finding the style and shape to perfectly flatter your curvy endowments might prove a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, there are different dress shapes that flatter top curvy brides-to-be like yourself so that your wedding gown will be as amazing as you've always dreamed it to be.


If you're a bride that loves your top curvy figure and don't mind flaunting what your momma gave you, the mermaid dress is one to put at the top of your list. Mermaid-shaped gowns are made to hug your curves with a fitted bodice that ends with a flare just below your knees. Although this dress works well for women who are curvier on the top, it doesn't flatter every body shape. If you have a full tummy, it'll show more of your midsection fullness than you'll be happy with. This type of dress looks best if you have a small waist and some curves to your hips.


Ballroom gowns scream princesses, royal courts and extravagant balls -- everything that comes to mind when you picture romantic fairytale weddings. Fortunately, if you're a girl with more fullness and curves up top, the shape of this type of gown works well for you. Because the skirt is made for fullness, it creates a balance between your upper and lower half. If you're a petite bride who also has a full upper body, be careful about choosing this style of wedding dress; your small stature can easily become overpowered and lost in the fullness of the skirt.


Although its name may not sound the most attractive, an A-line dress has universal appeal for almost any body type, and that includes women who have figures that are curvier on top. Whether your full bust comes with a bit of a tummy or a waist that's barely there, there's an A-line dress that flatters your figure. The dress has a shape that's reminiscent of the letter "A," a shape that is fitted at the top and follows the lines of your upper body and torso as they gently become fuller while nearing the bottom of the gown.

Neckline Shapes

The shape of your gown's neckline will also have a major effect on the how amazingly your curvy upper body will be represented on your wedding day. Wearing the wrong-shaped neckline, regardless of the dress, can be devastating to the overall look that you're trying to achieve, making your breasts look larger, lower or even saggier than what they really are. To make matters worse, the wrong style of neckline mixed with a full upper body can make your midsection look fuller as well. Flattering shapes to consider when choosing the right neckline are sweetheart, V-neck, off-the-shoulder and scoop necklines.

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