Weave Hairstyles With Closures

To an event in Miami City, actress Gabrielle Union styles her weave in soft waves to keep the closures on top hidden.

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whether you're sporting a quick weave -- a temporary weave you slip on over your natural hair -- or a permanent version, where the extension pieces of the weave are actually sewn or otherwise bonded into your hair, there are closures at the top of the weave. You don't want to make it obvious you're wearing a weave, so it's important to know the right ways to style your hair to avoid the closures showing through. It's OK, that's no problem. You can even style your hair in an updo, if you do it right.

Soft Waves

Adding soft waves through your hair -- focusing the wave around the length and ends of your locks -- creates a very feminine, romantic look. Most important, it leaves your hair down loose -- but styled to perfection and not at all plain -- and prevents the closures in your weave from showing through. With a large-barrel curling iron, wrap sections of hair a couple inches wide each around the barrel, heat for a few seconds, then let fall into loose curls. Brush over your curls gently to turn them into soft waves.


If you're going for more of a funky, chic look, try adding some crimps in your coif. A triple-barrel waver is the best tool of choice for achieving this look. Work around your hair to create crimps in the desired sections -- either in specific sections or all around your head -- going from top to bottom in each section, crimping with your waver. The longer you hold the waver around each section, the more defined your crimps turn out.


The key is to start your braids an inch or so down the hair, leaving a bit of loose, fuller hair up top to keep any closures covered up. Form each braid using the same width of hair, securing the ends with a small elastic. You can add in larger-sized braids, make them smaller or even add in braids of different sizes for a fun look. Add braids in all around your head or just a few here and there.


Straightening your hair doesn't take a lot of time and it gives you a chic style. Get yourself a quality straightening iron that runs off tourmaline technology and has ceramic plates for the fastest straightening time. Then, to straighten, part your hair as desired and straighten flat down your hair around your head to keep the closures of your weave discreetly covered up. Finish with a bit of a silicone-based serum over your strands. Add a stylish hair accessory such as a headband or hair clip for a nice finishing touch.

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