How to Weave Hair Without a Topsy Tail


That plain ponytail isn’t going to win you any style points, but a woven ponytail will bump up your fashion credibility. The Topsy Tail is a small plastic loop designed to make ponytail weaving a breeze, but it’s not a necessity. Weaving your hair without this loop is a simple way to craft a fun, fierce style that will have everyone asking, “How does she do it?”


Gather your hair in a ponytail and wrap it loosely with a rubber band. A loose tail may feel a little funky, but it will tighten up after you’re done getting your weave on.


Braid the ponytail all the way down to the tip and secure it with another rubber band. Braiding keeps all the little hairs in line and makes it easier to weave.


Push your index finger and thumb up through the hair underneath the ponytail and pass the end of the braid through the opening. Pull down on the braid with your fingers to create a funky, flipped ponytail.


Slip a large bobby pin horizontally across the end of the braid. The pin acts like a guide to help feed the braid through the rest of your hair.


Lift up a 1-inch wide section of hair off to the left side of the ponytail with the end of the comb and feed the bobby pin through the hair. Tug gently on the pinned braid until it comes all the way through the hair.


Skip a 1-inch chunk of hair, then lift a second section and pull the braid through to create a lattice weave pattern. Continue weaving in a full circle around the back of your head, and tuck any leftover hair down inside the ponytail’s inverted center.

Things You'll Need



3.Large bobby pins

2.Rubber bands


Tips & Tricks


If your hair isn’t long enough to weave a full circle, weave as far as you can before you run out of hair.


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