How Do I Weave a Full Cap of Hair?

Create a full cap weave with ease.

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A cap weave, or quick weave, is essentially a wig that you create and customize to suit your specifications. Many weaving techniques are available, but a full cap weave is one of the fastest to create. In addition, it’s a great way to protect your natural hair while not having to worry about blending your hair with your weave, which can be disastrous at times. Creating a full cap weave is relatively easy and requires minimum tools.


Make a medium-sized cornrow around the entire perimeter of your head. Separate the rest of the hair in the middle of your head and create four to five medium-sized cornrows. Sew the end of the cornrow onto the braid itself.


Grab your styrofoam wig stand and cover it with a plastic shower cap. The shower cap acts as a barrier to prevent the weave from attaching to the Styrofoam wig stand. Cover the shower cap with the dome stocking cap.


Grab your hair extensions and measure it across the stocking cap approximately two inches from the bottom. Cut off the excess hair.


Lay the extension on a flat surface and apply a thin layer of glue onto the weft. Attach the hair extensions approximately two inches from the bottom of the dome shower cap.


Repeat the same procedure for attaching the extensions to your cap until three-quarters of the cap is covered in weave. Start to glue the weave in a circle until there is only a quarter-sized area remaining at the crown of the cap.


Grab your hair extensions and cut off a three-inch wide section of hair. Lay the extensions on a flat surface and apply a thin amount of glue to the weft. Roll the extension into a small circle and let the glue dry. Once the glue is dry, push the weft of the circle inward to create a large flat-circled weft.


Place the weft inside a hot flat iron to flatten it out a bit more. Let the bottom of the weft cool and apply a thin amount of glue over the wefted area of the track. Place the track in the middle of your head where the cap is exposed.


Remove the dome stocking cap from the Styrofoam head. Place the cap onto your head and adjust it so the crown of the weave is in the crown of your head.


Thread your sewing needle and sew the edge of the cap onto the cornrow around the perimeter of your head. This prevents the cap from sliding off unexpectedly.


Comb all the hair down and around your head. Grab your scissors, hot irons and styling products and style your hair to your preferences.

Things You'll Need


1.Weft hair extensions

3.Plastic shower cap

5.Bonding glue

7.Weaving thread and needle

9.Flat iron

2.Styrofoam wig stand

4.Dome stocking cap




Tips & Tricks


Watch your tension while sewing the weave around your perimeter to prevent your hair from breaking off around the edges.

Wrap your weave up at night with a satin scarf to prevent tangling.


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