How to Weave Dreads Into Short Hair

Myra J. shows off cropped red dreads at the 42nd NAACP Awards, 2011.

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You can weave dreads with as little as three inches of hair for a funky short look that lengthens into a full mane of dreads as your hair grows. Dreads can shrink hair by one-third, so starting a head of locks with three inches will net you two-inch-long baby dreads. Weaving dreadlocks into your mane takes a few hours, so leave enough time to get the job done right. As your mane grows, weave the new hair into the dreads to get longer locks.


Section your crop top into pieces for dreads, using a comb to divide your mane. Beginning along the nape of your neck, secure hair into bits about as thick as your index finger. Tie off each section with a mini hair elastic. Once you've gone across the bottom layer, move up and create another layer on top. Stagger these sections so each dread-to-be sits on top of the two beneath it. You're building a brick lay, modeled on the way bricks sit staggered. Work your way from the bottom to top like this, creating small sections.


Let down one hair elastic at the back to get your dread on. Holding your lock in one hand, stick your comb into the section of hair about one inch from the roots.


Comb the hair back, pushing the comb from end to roots. As you comb, your hair will tangle up. Comb to create as many tangles as you can.


Turn the tangled hair clockwise to create a tight tube.


Coat the hair with dread wax, using a tiny dab of product. Massage the wax into the roots, then work down toward the end. Use more wax if you need to, but with short dreads you won't use much. Too much wax can make dreads attract dust so only use enough to lock the fibers together.


Slip the hair elastic back on when you finish to help hold your dread while the fibers lock together over time.


Roll the baby dread between your palms to mat up the fibers even more.


Dread up all the other little sections just like that.


Set the wax using a blow dryer. Run a hair dryer around your mane to melt the wax into the hair for sturdier dreads.

Things You'll Need



3.Dread wax

2.Mini hair elastics

4.Blow dryer


Tips & Tricks


If you have short hair and want longer dreads, try dread extensions for insta-length.


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