What Do You Wear to a Zumba Party?

Zumba parties are workout sessions, usually lasting about an hour.

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Knowing that a party sounds much better than exercise, the creators of Zumba have dubbed Zumba classes as parties. Zumba parties are essentially one-hour aerobics classes that use dance movements and catchy Latin music to make the workout fun. An exercise class by any other name, however, will make you sweat just as much, so if you are going to a Zumba party, make sure you wear the right clothes.


Any fashonista can tell you that the shoes make the outfit, and the same is true in Zumba. Wearing the wrong shoes to a Zumba class increases the odds that you will be injured during the workout. You should never, under any circumstances, wear running sneakers to Zumba. They have too much traction and can interfere with the dance movements done in class. Instead, look for a dance shoe that offers low-traction rubber soles, plenty of cushioning and lateral support.

Tops and Bottoms

Although wearing the right shoes to Zumba is important, the rest of your outfit is far less critical. You should be able to wear your regular workout clothes to a Zumba class, so long as they are loose and stretchy enough that they do not restrict your movement. Fabrics that wick moisture away from you body are best since they keep you cooler and dry quickly, making for a less odoriferous gym bag. You may want to wear a sweatshirt as well to keep you from getting cold until you are warmed up.


As you know, it doesn’t take much exercise to start your breasts bouncing up and down. According to Science Daily, 50 percent of women experience breast pain when exercising – not surprising given that the breasts can move up to 21 centimeters (8 inches). All that bounce is uncomfortable and can lead to sagging breasts. Make sure you wear a supportive sports bra whenever you attend a Zumba class or participate in other types of exercise.

Zumba Clothing

If you are trying Zumba for the fist time, shorts and a tee shirt will do. But if you fall in love with it, you may want to consider buying some official Zumba workout gear. Zumba sells a wide variety of workout clothes that are designed to work well with the exercise’s movements. The online store offers everything from V-neck tees to high-performance workout thongs that are extra soft and moisture wicking.

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