What to Wear to a UPS Interview?

Think that warehouse job calls for grubby interview duds? Better think again.

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The secret to a great UPS interview experience? Striking a balance in the fashion department. A little common sense and a few well-placed queries can get you started on the road to the right interview outfit. Of course, you could be clever, mimic the UPS corporate ad campaign and wear nothing but brown, but chances are, the HR people you need to impress won't care about your color savvy when making a hiring decision.

Query the Source

When was the last time you heard this admonition: Never ask the folks with whom you plan to interview what to wear? Thought not. There's no reason under the sun you can't conclude your phone conversation with HR when setting up that interview date with this question: "I want to dress appropriately for my meeting with you. Can you please advise me what to wear?" Frankly, your forthrightness can signal that you're the type of girl who isn't afraid of asking questions and taking direction, so if you're comfortable doing this, query your UPS contact first.

Ask Your Future Colleagues

People love to be asked for opinions, and what better source for advice can you imagine than a gal who's already doing the job you want? The girls and dudes you see running around in those signature brown pants and shirts have access to everyone from management to dock workers and they may even feel flattered that you turn to them for advice. Here's the best part: chicks love to tell horror stories. You may get an interview dress tip born out of a legendary disaster, and you know those are the best interview dressing tips of all.

Dress for a Warehouse Gig

Absent advice from folks on the UPS payroll, take your cues from personnel agencies, advice gurus and websites dedicated to making certain you stand every chance of landing a job as a result of a great interview. CareerBuilder, Indeed, Monster and too many other employment resources to count regularly post advice on how to dress for warehouse interviews and if you're going to schlep packages, follow those suggesting nice slacks, blouses and jackets over even the nicest pair of jeans. Sure, some folks will stress wearing jeans, but unless they get a paycheck from UPS, cover your own butt, so to speak.

Dress for a Management Gig

Show up to interview for a management, supervisory or upper-level UPS job in a business suit, stockings, pumps and conservative colors. This means no Elle Woods "Legally Blonde" moments in the wardrobe department. Business attire also means a conservative hairstyle -- and leave those jangling bracelets on your dresser. Big business calls for big impressions, and you couldn't find a bigger place to hang your purse than at the corporate offices of this international shipping giant.

Dress for a Warehouse Tour

The folks at UPS often conduct plant tours for promising employees. You'll be advised of this by your HR contact so you can dress appropriately in casual slacks, jeans, closed-toed shoes and no-nonsense shirts. This means, forget about hot colors, sequins and revealing tops. These must remain in your drawers -- you can always let 'em know how things went when you get home.

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