Do You Wear Underwear Under Spandex?

Wearing underwear with spandex is a personal decision.

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Spandex makes leggings, jeggings and tights cling so well to your gams -- and the hint of a panty line can be a pretty major don't. There's a lot at stake in wearing spandex garments the right way. Sometimes, you can go bare under there but sometimes it's just not a good idea. Decide what's right for your look, then head out on the town.


Spandex leggings or tights aren't pants -- which is why some women insist that you need underwear under there. All it takes is one bare-booty shot of someone with skimpy, threadbare spandex to illustrate the full-moon potential of foregoing the underwear. When dressing, think about the risk of underwear showing through and cover up if you think it's for the best.


Other women argue convincingly that underwear serves as the barrier between your goods and the rest of the world. Spandex tights or leggings do the same thing, they say. Because you wash spandex tights after you wear them, they're always going on clean. They're like underwear with legs, these divas believe. So, no, you don't need other undies. Going commando under there also prevents any sort of visible panty line showing through the thin spandex.


If you want to keep your undies on, know the right kind. For light-colored spandex, a skinny or seamless nude thong gives you practical coverage that doesn't show through the thin spandex. If your undies show through the spandex fabric, make sure you've got a long tunic, boyfriend shirt or other top so your booty doesn't show. That way no one has to know what you've got on under there unless you want to make the big reveal.


If you're bare under there, you increase the chance of leg and pubic area skin chafing from rubbing against the spandex. It might be a good idea to save going commando for a day that doesn't involve a lot of walking. Likewise, having another layer under there makes practical sense at times of the month when your discharge is heavy.

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