What to Wear Under Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are an easy choice for comfort or function.

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What do you throw on when you're lounging around the house? How about when you're hitting the gym? And out running errands on the weekend? If you answered "yoga pants" to any or all these questions, then you've been faced with the "what the heck do I wear under these things?" issue. If you've always envied other women's yoga pants but never purchased any thanks to this very same issue, your worries are over. You have plenty of panty options that are suitable under those snug-fitting, comfy yoga pants.


Be honest. What's the number one problem you have with yoga pants at the gym? If you said "camel toes," you're not alone. It's an unpleasant topic, and perhaps you prefer to call yours "front wedgies," but there's no getting around this unpleasant side effect of exercising in yoga pants. There are several manufacturers that are now offering panties with padding in the crotch area to prevent this uncomfortable and unsightly phenomenon. The styles come in briefs and thongs to please every athlete, and the padding prevents any bunching in your nether regions. One brand that offers these is Camelflage.

Briefs and Bikinis

Perhaps the idea of wearing a thong seems more torturous to you than walking through the streets of Manhattan nude, so you've always dismissed yoga pants as a non-option. In fact, although it is a challenge, you can find some briefs that are suitable to wear under yoga pants without causing dreaded visible panty lines. Look for undies in a nylon stretch fabric that fit snugly without digging into skin. Styles that are closer to a brief in shape will stay more secure and prevent shifting and bunching. Also, look for yoga pants in more athletic styles that have seams or stitching in the tush region to distract from or mask panty lines.


It may come as a shock, but, yes, thongs can still cause visible panty lines -- especially in pants this tight. Any kind of thong that has lace or ribbons may cause bumpiness, and ill-fitting, too-tight undies will leave an obvious indentation. The same rules that apply to full-bottomed underwear apply to thongs: Choose a nylon stretch fabric that lies flat against the skin. Also, have a few higher-waisted styles in your lingerie wardrobe for times like this. Often, yoga pants are high-rise to prevent your tummy from peeking out while you exercise, so your underwear should be, too.


Whether you can comfortably wear nothing under yoga pants or not is really a personal choice. When exercising, it's a "no," your girl parts need the added sweat absorption and protection of underwear. However, if you're just running out to do errands or you're lounging around the house, that decision is up to you. When going out in public, though, be very certain that your pants aren't at all see-through, and consider wearing a longer top, just in case.

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