What Do I Wear Under a V Neck?

Sometimes, you need to cover up the girls.

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It's an age-old question for women of all ages: To cover up, or not? If you have nice assets, you want to show them off, but it's not always the wisest choice. Learn when to cover up under a V-neck and when to fly it solo -- and what to pair under there to show off your fashion smarts.


Sometimes, you can get away with going commando under that V-neck shirt or sweater. If you're hanging with the friends or going on a date, revealing a little skin won't get you bad looks. But if you're prepping for a job interview and decide to reveal, it could leave a negative impression. Tip: When getting dressed, sit in front of a mirror and lean over to see how low your shirt plunges. Think about where you're going and who you'll see, then decide whether it's safe to wear nothing under your V-neck.

Trusty Tank

A tank top or camisole works well for all-purpose coverage under your V-neck. These garments are slimming, so won't add bulk to your look. You don't have to play it plain in cotton, either. Silk camis, ruffled camis or tanks with embellishments at the top add some visual interest near your collarbone. If you play it right, no one will suspect you're trying to cover up your chest. They'll just admire your look.

Hiding It

If you want to wear something under a V-neck but don't want it to show -- for example, if your V-neck is sheer -- try a second V-neck top. Make sure the neckline of the V-neck undershirt matches the neckline on your outfit. You'll want an undershirt with the V slightly lower than your shirt, so you're covered in case of slippage.

Quick Tips

If you go without, then rethink your outfit last minute, you've got a couple of options. One: Throw on a jacket or blazer, then unbutton it. The coat will both dress up your look and hide your plunging neckline, until you want to reveal it. Two: Take your V-neck shirt off and turn it around, wearing it backward. It will look like you chose a cowl neck for the day, and who can argue with that?

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