How to Wear a Tie With Sweaters


Wearing a tie with a sweater can call to mind two scenarios: A school uniform or a chic, tailored look borrowed from London's Savile Row, known for traditional men's tailoring. You want to go for the second look. Nothing says you're a woman who isn't afraid to dress for success like pulling off a cool, androgynous vibe. Pairing a tie with a sweater is an autumn scene-stealer for the daring woman who does it.


Button up. Put on your button-up shirt (it helps if the collar is starched) and button it all the way up. The shirt should be a classic solid white or blue -- anything else and you risk looking tacky. Avoid collars with the tiny buttons (these are called button-down-collar shirts) on the corners; they're passe and decidedly un-chic.


Flip it up. Flip the collar of your shirt up, so the neck of the shirt is exposed. This gives you more room for tying the tie. Wrap your tie around the back of your neck so its two ends are lying down the front of your shirt, the wide end on the right.


Tie your tie. The four-in-hand knot is the most basic way to tie a tie. It's not as difficult as teenage boys seem to make it. A lot of online sources and videos will show you how to do it, step-by-step. After you're finished, adjust the knot around your shirt collar, making sure you can breathe comfortably. Avoid tacky tie patterns that will lead the eye away from the outfit as a whole. Foulard and paisley patterns are a no-no. A classic red or blue diagonal stripe on a solid background is OK, but your best bet is a solid color, any color you choose.


Pull on your pullover. Slip your V-neck sweater over your tied tie and shirt. To make this look work for a woman, make sure your sweater isn't thick Shetland wool. Instead, it should be a fitted, thin-gauge merino wool or cotton sweater. Leave the slouchy sweaters in your man's closet. Limit the sweater to black, blue, navy or a shade of gray.


Tuck in those tails. This look runs the risk of being sloppy if the tails aren't tucked in. Of course, if you're going for casual, give it a whirl. But if you're wearing this to the office, tuck in your shirt, front and back.

Things You'll Need


1.Button-up shirt

3.Men's tie

2.Fitted V-neck sweater


Tips & Tricks


Try a fitted V-neck sweater vest as well. Avoid button-up cardigans: You don't want to look like Mr. Rogers or your grandfather.


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