What to Wear for a Thick Middle

Tunics help hide a thick mid section while showcasing thin legs.

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Women come in all shapes and sizes so there is no reason to fret over a thick middle! Many women are larger around their stomach, so you are not alone in your search for well-fitting clothes. Loose-fitting tops like tunics flatter apple-shaped women, while mini skirts and flared jeans help showcase those killer legs of yours. Sticking to solid colored tops is one trick to drawing the eye away from your stomach and toward your face and legs. V-neck shirts and sweaters also help to elongate the appearance of the mid section, giving you more time to work off those extra pounds at the gym.

Shirts and Blouses

The trick to hiding a thick mid-section is to emphasize your other amazing features. Long sleeved shirts help elongate the upper body, which therefore helps lengthen the appearance of the stomach. Dark colors like black and navy blue also help slim the appearance of any body shape. Another way to downplay the stomach area is by wearing shirts that are v-neck in design. This style draws focus away from the middle of the body, highlighting your head, neck and chest instead. To add personal style, wear a simple necklace or dangle earrings.


A tunic is a great style to rock if you are apple-shaped. Unlike with hour-glass figures, wearing a tight belt at the waist is not the most flattering style for women with a thick middle. Belts look best on women with thin waists, so this should be avoided. Instead, highlight your long, thin legs with a tunic that drapes over the body. Throw a tunic over a pair of skinny jeans or leggings in the winter or wear as a stand alone piece in warm weather. Look for intricate patterns to liven up your look.


Many women who have thick middles also have thin legs, so why not show them off? Skinny jeans aren't for everyone so you might as well work it if you can. The only problem about skinny jeans is that they will likely fit tight around the stomach. Look for fabrics with some stretch, which will be more comfortable. Make sure you wear tops that are more loose-fitting and fall a few inches below the waist. This way, the belly bulge won't show. Flared jeans may be a better option, as they help create a more feminine shape around the body.

Skirts and Dresses

If you have long legs, you better get ready to pull out those miniskirts in the back of your closet. During warm weather, miniskirts showcase long legs and draw the eye away from a thick mid section. To counter-balance a miniskirt, choose a top that is more loose-fitting and conservative. Solid colors are less attention-grabbing and therefore good options for apple shapes. Wrap dresses work well for apple-shaped women with big busts. Otherwise, avoid dresses that hug around the waist.

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