What to Wear to a Talent Agency Meeting & Interview

Clare Venema prepares for an audition challenge on Australia's Next Top Model.

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As a former talent agent, I have seen it all when it comes to all those who are trying to become a Hollywood Starlet. I'll share a little secret with you. I used to keep a folder of the funny submissions -- the ones that make you go "Oh no, she didn't!" My lovely ladies, you must know how important first impressions are when you are interviewing with an agent. You should scream "Fabulous!" from your head to your toes -- minus an ankle bracelet, of course. Agents are not looking for the starlets that bring that type of attention.

What Should you Wear?

When attending an interview or group meeting, you want to keep your clothing simple. A business suit is unnecessary. This is an interview -- but not for the corporate world. If you are interviewing to become a model, then jeans and a fitted shirt are appropriate. If your interest lies within acting, then your dress should be nice casual. Either jean or slacks would work, but you don't want to walk in wearing your sweats. That won't make the impression you are seeking.

Heels or Flats?

Heels are always the better option when attending an interview with an agent, but be prepared to remove them if you are auditioning as a model. The agent will want to measure your exact height. Make sure the heels are comfortable and that you are fully capable of walking in them without stumbling. No one wants to see a model fall flat on her face -- especially during her first interview with her potential agent. If you are interviewing as an actor, flats are acceptable.

Clean Hair and Clean Face

If you must wear makeup, keep it to a minimum. An agent is going to want to see your natural beauty, not the latest beauty trend. Wear your hair down and natural. Be prepared to pull your hair back into a pony tail in case the agent wants to take profile photos. The agent will need to be able to see your face. The important thing to remember is just to keep it simple -- clean hair and clean face.


An agent does not need to be distracted by your accessories. With that in mind, stay away from bulky necklaces and earrings. Your interview is about you and your talent, not what you are wearing. You'll hopefully get the opportunity to share your ability to model or act for a product in the future. Your interview is not the time.

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