What to Wear That Is Slimming

Wearing black is a conventional way to slim yourself instantly.

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Want to look thinner without spending an extra hour on the treadmill? No, we're not talking about some fad dieting craze. We're talking about using what's in your closet to your advantage. Dress your body right and you'll have everyone saying: "Wow -- she's looking fabulous tonight!" The beauty of fashion is that ladies of all shapes and sizes can pick wardrobe pieces to achieve a sexy, streamlined silhouette.

Go Monochrome

What your mother always told you is true -- black does make you look thinner, but you don't have to stick with this single hue in a single texture to get some slimming benefits. Instead of thinking that black is always the way to go, strive to dress monochrome instead. Wearing a single color from head-to-toe, whether it's black or a sultry red, will make you look thinner. That includes your shoes -- match 'em to the rest of your ensemble for a streamlined look. To add a bit of interest, you can always mix and match fabrics. Leather and lace, anyone?

Tailored and Tidy

Your first instinct might be to cover up your curves with flowy pieces when you want to look slim. Stop right there! Believe it or not, tailored clothes make you look thinner than baggy and billowy pieces. That doesn't mean you should give your favorite baby doll top the boot. Just pair it with a structured jacket or vest. If you're really worried about your tummy, wearing a cropped coat over a loose blouse disguises your middle while still giving you a well-defined shape.

Disguising Problem Spots

We all have those little problem areas that we'd like to slim down just a little. If you're worried about your middle, choose dresses that hug your rib cage and glide over your natural waistline -- think empire waists and shift dresses. A high-waisted skirt or a patterned number with lots of folds over the tummy area can also help you disguise this troublesome spot. Have a rear that tends to steal the show a little too much? A dress that's a bit longer in the back downplays your behind. Cardigans to cover your upper arms don't have to lack glamor. Try one with sequins or sparkly buttons. To minimize a large chest, a V-neck top that drapes over your girls is your best friend.

Dress Thin Tips

Vertical stripes are slimming because they make you look longer and leaner. Use this principle to slim yourself down even when you're not sporting them. Wear a long, dangly necklace or a scarf with hanging ends to elongate your silhouette with the vertical lines these pieces create. The slimmest looks begin with the right underwear, so make sure yours fit properly. Beware of visible pantylines and too-tight bras that cause bulges, and consider getting some shape wear to smooth lumps and bumps. Choose light materials, like cotton or silk, that cover without adding bulk. Wear less of thicker fabrics, such as leather, suede and flannel.

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