How to Wear a Rasta Hat

Marina Colombari hides her hair in a rasta-inspired hat.

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Traditionally, rasta hats or rasta tams cover dreadlocks, the Rastafarian hair style of choice. But you don't need to have dreads to wear these brightly colored hats. Choose a rasta hat to fit your head, selecting either a brimmed style or a flat, slouch style. Combine these bright hats with casual clothes for a dressed-down look or wear them as a winter head covering to keep warm. Experiment with your favorite way to wear these classic hats.


Measure your dreads to ensure you buy the correct size rasta hat. You can choose from small hats for dreads up to 6 inches long, medium for 12 inch dreads, large for 18 inches and extra large for 24 inches of dreads. If you don't have dreadlocks, go with a small rasta hat.


Gather your hair into a ponytail on top of your head. Secure the ponytail with a rubber band, but don't pull the hair all the way through on the final loop to create a bun. A bun ensures your hair will stay up under the rasta hat. Place the hat on your head, covering your hair. Adjust the brim to your liking.


Keep your hair down for a different style. Place the rasta cap over your hair, pulling the sides of the cap down toward your ears. Adjust the hat to your preferred position. Wear it high off the forehead for a slouch look.


Push the hat body backward, forward and to the side to find your preferred way to wear the rasta cap. If your hat has a brim, experiment with having the brim straight on, slanted to the side or pushed down toward your ear. The angle of the slouch makes the hat look different and can expand your collection of looks.

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Rasta hats work with any type of hair and any hair style.


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