What to Wear to Play Tennis During the Winter?

Winter doesn't mean you have to give up playing tennis.

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Tennis outfits typically involve short skirts and lightweight tops, but that doesn't mean you need to stop playing when the temperature drops. There are plenty of tennis-friendly clothing options to keep you warm, comfortable and looking cute all throughout the coldest season of the year, as long as you don't limit yourself to Wimbleton white. Dressing warmly but comfortably during winter tennis practice means you'll be ready when the guy you've had your eye on invites you to be his doubles partner in the spring.

Thin Layers

The key to a perfect winter tennis ensemble is light layers, so slip on a pair of comfy tights or leggings and a form-fitting tank to keep your core well covered and add on as the weather dictates. A pair of lightweight pants and a long-sleeved T-shirt can go on next, with a performance fleece slipped on top. If the weather is particularly cold, you might need a loose jacket over the top, but don't hesitate to remove any of your layers once you start running around on the court.

Movement and Motion

When it's match point and your turn to serve, you don't want to waste energy thinking about whether your jacket sleeves are too tight. If you can't move properly, then you may need to rethink your clothing choices. All of your layers need to be loose enough not to restrict you. You should also save the skimpy, backless tennis dresses for the summer months, not add them to your layered ensemble. No matter how cute they are, these dresses don't tend to work well when layered over or under other clothing.


You can wear the same tennis shoes in the winter as you do in the summer, but you should pay attention to the socks you wear with them. Look for microfiber socks that soak up sweat and wick it away from the body so you can avoid icy dampness right next to your skin. If your hands get so cold that they cause a distraction during the match, a pair of light gloves might be a necessary part of your winter tennis outfit. Some people prefer the cold, though, since even ultra-thin gloves can change your grip and reaction time.


No matter what you wear during your midwinter tennis match, keep yourself warm between sets with chemical hand warmers that you can slip into your gloves or pockets. You'll also want to slip on your heavier layers when you come off the court, since you'll likely get cold quickly once you've stopped moving.

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