How to Wear Nylon Stockings

Nylon stockings have to be put on with care. They snag and rip easier than anything else in your wardrobe.

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Nylon stockings are characterized by being very lightweight, sheer and delicate. There are all different types of nylon stockings, from control top to knee-highs. They're usually worn for more conservative occasions such as church gatherings, business meetings and interviews. Nude nylons give your legs the appearance of being bare and work to even out your skin tone and hide surface flaws like veins or cellulite.


Choose your style. When you hit the store to find a pair of nylon stockings, you're going to be inundated with different colors and types. If you want to hid a tummy under a dress, control top nylons are your best bet, but they're not comfortable, so only wear them if you think you need them. Knee-high nylons are great to wear under a pair of dress slacks in the winter to add an extra layer for warmth. Choose your type based on your needs and the outfit. Dark nylons should be worn with dark shoes if you're going with pants. If it's day and you're showing your legs, stick to nude stockings.


Size them. On the back of every package you'll see a weight chart that helps determine your size. Don't overlook this -- nylons that are too small are tres uncomfortable. Find your weight and height on the chart and then find the size where the two measurements meet.


Carefully slide them on. If your stockings are attached to a panty with a waist, you'll want to scrunch up one leg of your nylon until it's down to the foot. Slip your foot in up to your ankle. Scrunch up the other leg the same way and stick in your other foot up to the ankle. Slowly pull the nylons (alternating sides) up your legs. Be careful -- if you pull too hard or fast, you'll rip them. Knee-highs stockings are the same, but a bit easier since they're separate stockings and you don't have to wiggle them over your backside.


Put on your outfit. When it comes to nylons, you should be wearing a dress, skirt or dress suit. You know how to put on pants, skirts, dress and tops right? Of course, you do.


Accessorize. It's important you put your jewelry (especially rings and bracelets) on after you've got your nylons on. Anything that has the slightest point could ruin the nylons.


Slip on your shoes and you're good to go. Nylons aren't worn with boots, so high heels, kitten heels and dressy oxfords or flats are the way to go. If you're planning a commute and changing into your shoes later, throw a pair of socks over your stockings and under your commuting shoes. This protects them from ripping caused by friction. Remember it's not 1986, your commuting shoes should not be trainers. Try ballet flats (in which case nix the socks) or a pair of UGG-type boots if it's cold (in which case, use the socks).

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Get a pedicure. Your toe nails can have ridges at the top, naked to your eye, that are a hazard to nylons. To minimize ripping, buy the reinforced-toe type and have your toes filed and painted.


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