What to Wear for a Lunch Date

A lunch date is the time to look sweet and feminine.

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Planning a date outfit can be totally stressful. Walk into any woman's bedroom pre-date and you're sure to find 75 of her considered-and-discarded outfits strewn across the bed and floor. While some dates (like an after-hours club with the hottie from downstairs) are the time to go all-out with the killer heels and powerful eye makeup, a lunch date is the perfect forum for a classy, sweet look that says, "I'm beautiful, reliable and don't care about your money."

A Flirty Dress

The key factor is choosing the right flirty dress is striking the balance between overgrown-little-girl (creepy) and way-too-serious, man-eating powerhouse (not hot). You want a dress that's flowery and frilly, but not something that's cool in the third-grade scene; something flattering and grownup, without looking too business-like. Sounds simple, no? To avoid looking like you came to interview your man instead of date him, your dress should have some sweet touches to it, like an embellished neckline or a ruffled bottom. A flowy, A-line style works better than a straight and serious dress in this case. Go for pretty, feminine colors, such as light pink, aquamarine, mint green or violet, but stay away from Barbie-like hot pinks and neon orange. As a general rule, a v-neck is softer and more date-like than a straight-across neckline, and spaghetti straps are flirtier than wide ones.

A Trendy Outfit

If you're not into dresses or the weather is too cold to pull off a cute sun dress, a trendy choice of skinny jeans and a pretty sweater can do the trick. Stay away from anything too trendy, however: guys are usually wary of anything outside the norm and can't appreciate unusual looks, even if it's the up-and-coming style. (Sometimes, even women don't like unusual, trendy styles: Lady Gaga's looks, anyone?). Choose a sweater that flatters your body type and skin tone -- your guy doesn't have to know about that little spare tire running around your middle if you bring his attention up with a plunging cowl neck.

Comfortable Shoes

Ladies, this must be said: high heels do not look great, no matter how fabulous they are, if you can't walk in them! Tripping over yourself on the way to the table is not attractive. And if your guy wants to extend your date by inviting you on a nice walk after lunch, what are you gonna answer -- "Sorry, these heels don't do city streets"? Avoid looking stupid by wearing shoes that are cute, flattering and comfortable. Ballet flats, comfortable heels (it doesn't have to be an oxymoron), or a pair of stylish boots are all wonderful choices.

Leave the Grunge Behind

Unless you and your boyfriend are hardcore punk rockers and appreciate each other's oily hair and over-sized tees, please stay away from anything grungy. A civilized lunch date is not the time to display your love of sweatshirts, sweatpants and anything comfy and warm. This also means no sneakers or gym shoes, no ripped jeans, no messy hair (unless it's a sexy, bedhead, messy-on-purpose type of thing), and no dorky backpacks. Even if you're a student and you're rushing from class, drop the bag off somewhere else or carry your notebooks in a cute tote for the day. You want to look casual-chic, not just plain casual.

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