How Do I Wear Lingerie With Large Breasts?

Choose lingerie that will give your girls adequate support.

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Most full-breasted women know there's a fine line between looking sexy and skanky in regard to your chest. The same rule applies to lingerie. When we dress in intimate clothes, we want to look hot and feel confident in what we are rocking. Wearing lingerie that make us look skeevy and less than gorgeous defeats the purpose of wearing the sexy frocks. If you have large breasts, look for lingerie that contains certain attributes to make your cleavage look classy and coy.


Look for lingerie with underwire. Underwire gives your breasts support and helps to boost those puppies up. Some large breasts tend to sag because of their excess weight; underwire keeps them lifted and in place, making you look extra sexy and voluminous.


Hook up with a halter. If you're rocking a bountiful amount of breasts, spaghetti straps aren't going to cut it. Your heavy chest is going to snap those wimpy straps in a second flat. What you need is halter-style lingerie. The halter will give your girls support and keep them pretty and perky.


Go with a gown. Sheer gowns that are loose help to accentuate your voluptuous curves and help to cover areas that you may not want to highlight, such as heavy hips or excess junk in your trunk. The light fabric will skim across your sexy chest, accentuating and highlighting your bosom.


Collect corsets. Corsets accentuate breasts like no other piece of lingerie can. If you want to flaunt your lovely ladies, corsets are the way to go. They give you excellent support and make your chest overfill with cleavage. Therefore, if you are dressing for someone who likes breasts, corsets may be your best bet.


Select the correct fabric. If you are looking for a bra or other lingerie to downplay what you have, look for clothing that is made from spandex or Lycra. This flexible material can keep those puppies in and give them a smooth, sleek look.

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If you can't find lingerie that fits your curvy chest, go with plus sizes.


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