How to Wear a Handkerchief Scarf


"Handkerchief" is a pretty broad category when you're talking about scarves. The term isn't relegated to a piece of cloth you blow your nose in. In fact, some handkerchief scarves made of silk, costing beaucoup dinero, are the last thing you want to soil cleaning out your nasal passages. A square scarf with a decorative border, a handkerchief scarf can be made from any number of fabrics and any color in the rainbow. There's more than one way to wear it, too.

Stick 'em Up


Go for a "Bonnie and Clyde" style -- Faye Dunaway was h-o-t in her bank robber chic in Arthur Penn's 1967 film. Start the look by placing your scarf on a flat surface.


Fold the scarf in half on the diagonal so it looks like a triangle.


Wrap the scarf around your neck so the two sides of the triangle are hanging down your back and the top of the triangle is hanging down the front. Add a beret, tweed pencil skirt and killer eyeliner to match Bonnie's '30s style.


Tie a lose knot with the two ends of the scarf. For a different look, put the knot down in front and off to the side; it's more girl scout than bandit, but no less chic.

Fly The Friendly Skies


Lay your scarf out flat on a table.


Roll it up, lengthwise, on the diagonal starting with any one of the corners. If you follow, you'll notice this looks suspiciously like the start of a stewardess scarf. You are correct. Uber feminine and a classic throw back to a bygone era, this is in any handkerchief scarf's arsenal of looks.


Wrap the rolled up scarf around your neck so the two ends are in front. Tie a knot and arrange it as you like.

Tips & Tricks


Try wrapping the scarf at the base of your favorite handbag's handle. A little colorful touch is a great way to personalize a mass produced (and owned) wardrobe piece.


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