How to Wear Your Hair With a Wide Brim Hat

Fergie amped up her look with a leopard hat and shades for the 2010 Jingle Bell Ball.

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Hats are not just for bad hair days anymore. Hats have made a major comeback on the runway, and they're one trend that actually works for most women in real life. A wide-brimmed, floppy straw hat is the perfect summer accessory and can be paired with everything from an evening gown to a sun dress. Since a wide-brim hat steals the show, hair should be kept simple and laid-back for the hottest hat look.


Brush your hair to remove any knots and tangles.


Divide your hair into four equal sections with two in the front and two in the back; you will be working through your hair section by section.


Unclip one of the front sections and select a one-inch piece of hair. Clamp the curling iron onto the hair and slide down to the tip. Roll the curling iron up toward your scalp, rolling away from your face.


Hold the iron in your hair for five seconds then carefully release the clamp and unroll your hair.


Work your way through your entire head, curling one-inch pieces.


Run your hairbrush gently through the hair to break apart the curls and soften the look.


Squeeze a drop of shine serum into your palms. Smooth the serum over the ends of your hair to add shine to your curls.


Spritz your hair with hairspray to hold the style in place.


Put on your wide-brimmed hat. Arrange your hair so that you have an even amount of curls on either side of your head.

Things You'll Need



3.Curling iron, 2" barrel

5.Flexible-hold hairspray

2.Hair clips

4.Shine serum


Tips & Tricks


For a fun, flirty look, gather your curls to one side -- below hat level -- and wrap an elastic around the ponytail.


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