How to Wear Your Hair in Braids

Go for a deconstructed fishtail braid for an undone, romantic look.

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Braids are this styling ammunition you only pull out every now and then -- maybe it's because you pretty much have one braid style and you don't want to become known as the French braid girl. Braids are just so romantic and feminine, but you keep seeing girls who manage to pull off the sexy tossled braid. Yep. Braids go sexy and edgy, too. Get your fingers on some new techniques and get to it.


Start with this casual, easy-to-achieve look that blends edginess with softness. Add one or two braids into your hair like an accessory. First, give hair a loose, tossled look by creating beachy waves with a salt spray and blow dryer. Grab a one-inch section or two of hair from underneath, tease the hair lightly with a comb, braid and secure with hair-toned bands (unless your hair is teased enough to stay in place on its own).


Bring back the fishtail braid into your life for some femininity, but with a new twist for grown-up appeal. Part your hair on one side and begin braiding near the top of your ear on the side with more bulk. Keep it loose and romantic and finish it off with a bobby pin pressed up into the braid. Refresher: separate hair into two sections and pull a thin strand from one to join the other, back and forth, until complete.


Go with a braid that's chic and that will get you out the door lickety split -- the ever-romantic side braid. This style is great for layered hair -- the messier it looks, the better. Pull all of your hair together just below one ear and do a quick, easy braid ... without pulling it too tight. Pull pieces from the top of your hair out at will to create a deconstructed look. Simple and beautiful saves the day!


Bring the braids to the forefront for higher impact in shorter or long hair. Part your hair to the side and, using the French braid method, braid along your hairline. Braid down the other side, too. Make this fair damsel style edgier with looser braids. Pin the braids behind your ears or, for longer hair, braid all the way back until hair meets and fasten into a low chignon. Lovely.

Things You'll Need


1.Salt spray


5.Bobby pins

2.Blow dryer

4.Hair bands


Tips & Tricks


If you haven't braided your hair in a while, don't get frustrated -- it might take a few times to get the braids to look the way you like.

Braiding refresh: Except for the fishtail braid, braid your hair by separating it into three even sections. Cross the right section over the middle section and under the left. The initial left section is now the new middle section. Now reverse it and cross your new left section over the middle and under the right section. Repeat this process until your hair is braided.


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