How to Wear Eyeliner that Flatters Hooded Eyes

Play up your peepers if you have hooded eyes like Madonna.

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Hooded eyes -- those where the top of the lid hangs low -- challenge even the most cosmetic-forward trendsetters. If you have hooded eyes like celeb Blake Lively, enhance your peepers to open them up. Eyeliner is a favorite beauty product of most women, and you can use it to flatter your hooded eyes and accentuate your natural beauty.


Prep your eyes by applying an eye primer across your lids. Primer keeps the liner from smearing, which is particularly important if you plan to use a dark shade of liner, such as black or gray. If you have a hot date tonight or plan to dance the night away with lfriends, this is one step you definitely don't want to skip. Marilyn Manson-style smeared liner won't complement your best features. No primer? A bit of foundation also gets the job done.


Choose your liner. Your skin type and eye shape influence the type and color of liner you choose. On hooded eyes, use a liner in the same shade as your eyes, or close to it, to make your eyes appear larger and take the attention away from the hood of your lids. Don't think Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat here, but feel free to have lots of fun in the cosmetic aisles.


Holding your liner in one hand, look slightly down with both eyes into a mirror, to get the best view of your lash line. Start lining one eye on the top lash line, beginning at the inner corner and moving slowly to the outer edge of your eye. To best flatter your hooded eyes, keep the line thin along the lash line. The thicker the line, the smaller and more closed up your eyes will look. That's a look that no girl is after, so be sparse with that liner!


Curve the line up slightly at the end, right above the outer corner of your eye. This draws attention upward, opening up your eyes and creating more of a crease on your lid at the same time. Now, repeat this on your other eye so you don't look lopsided and finit!

Things You'll Need


1.Eye primer



Tips & Tricks


Apply a light highlighter shadow across your brow bones. This reflects light towards the top of your lids and opens up your eyes.

Play up your eyes with mascara.


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