What Do You Wear to Drop Off a Resume?

You might just be dropping off your resume, but you still need to look the part.

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It isn't a bonafide job interview, nor is a simple application process. Dropping off a resume and deciding what to wear when you do so is like fashion purgatory. You don't know which way you are going in terms of the job and therefore, may not be sure of what to wear. A good rule of thumb? Even dropping off a resume requires business casual -- at minimum -- since you never know if a prospective employer might snag you then and there for an interview.

Slacks and Button Down

This is the standard professional uniform that transcends most all office types and your safest bet when dropping off some resumes. Remember, you can't just go in jeans and a T-shirt because you actually have to walk inside of the building to hand off the document. Heaven forbid the big boss should see you on the hall in your raggedy jeans and holey shirt applying for his marketing coordinator position. Chances are, you won't land the gig. Keep it simple with a solid-colored button down top and a pair of simple black, navy or khaki slacks.

Cotton Dress

If you want something more comfortable and representative of your feminine flare, then go with a simple cotton dress that falls to your knees. You can do a solid, bright color -- like red or turquoise blue -- or a pattern, such as floppy flowers or retro polka dots on the dress. Pair it up with kitten heels and simple silver jewelry, and you've got a look that is simple and understated but also polished and sophisticated.

Business Suit

If the office at which you are leaving your resume is ultra-conservative, then go all out with a prim and proper business suit. This is best for, say, a lawyer's or accountant's office, where proper dress is always a requirement. The last thing you want is the secretary to pass on your resume -- and the fact that you were dressed like a ragamuffin -- to the hiring manager once you leave.


The goal here is to keep your attire clean, simple and professional. You run the chance of being seen by a human resources rep or other company manager when you are dropping off the resume, so it's always best to at least be prepared for this possibility. This way if you land an interview on the spot, you can rock it knowing you are looking and feeling your best.

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