How to Wear the Double-Layered Silk-Blended Wrap Skirt

Wrap skirts are often made from recycled sari fabric.

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Double-layered wrap skirts are floaty, relaxed and versatile, whether you're aiming for elegance or bohemian chic. You can wear one of these silk blend skirts, often made from recycled sari fabric, as a skirt or, depending on the length, as a top or dress. Wrap skirts are typically available in several lengths, from above the knee to ankle length, and two sizes, one to fit sizes up to 14 and a plus size for more voluptuous ladies.

Skirt Styles


Hold the skirt behind your waist. Grab one side and bring it across your waist. Pull the tie through the buttonhole at the waist. Wrap the other side over the front of the skirt and tie it into a bow at the back of the skirt. The double-layered wrap skirt is reversible. Wear it with the short side out for a layered look or the short side facing in for a simpler style.


Tie the skirt with the short layer on top to create the look of a skirt and hip scarf. Gather the upper layer of the skirt, pulling it snug across your hips to add shape and emphasize your assets. Knot the front and back of the upper layer together at the side.


Belt your skirt. Tie the skirt as you normally would. Pull the upper layer of the skirt up to your waistline. Fold the upper layer to form a rectangle at your waist. Knot for a relaxed look or overlap and pin into place with safety pins for a more polished style.

Dress Diva


Create a simple strapless dress with a medium or long double-layered skirt. Hold the skirt behind your back and above your bust. Bring the straps to the front and knot them between your breasts. Grab the ends and wrap them under your bust and around to the back to create a babydoll-style strapless.


Go fitted with a sleek strapless style. Tie the skirt with the overlap in the back, rather than the front. Bring the top layer up and fold it over until it covers your chest. Knot securely in the back.


Turn your skirt into a halter-style dress. Hold the skirt behind you and tie a knot in the front with the long layer facing out, near the end of the straps. Twist the skirt to crisscross the layers and place the knot behind your neck. Grasp the outer layer and cross the ends behind your back. Bring them forward and knot below your bust.

Things You'll Need


1.Safety pins (optional)


Tips & Tricks


Wear the dress styles as a top or tunic by using a short or medium length skirt in place of a long length.

Keep in mind that double-layered skirts may be a bit sheer. Wear a camisole or good strapless bra under a dress style and consider a slip if you're heading to the office in a double-layered skirt to keep your undies under wraps.


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