What to Wear on a Cruise for Photos

Wear bright, fun colors when taking a cruise photo.

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Be bold, daring and brave when deciding what to wear for the best possible cruise photo. Wear what you'd want to wear if nobody were looking or judging. Unless it's a singles cruise or a networking cruise, the goal of your vacation is to relax and have fun. So go for a fun look. When choosing what to wear, remember that the photographs can tell the story of your trip.

The Location Factor

Where you're cruising will have as much of an influence on what you wear as your own special style. Dress for the weather for the best photograph. No matter how much you try to hide it, the camera often captures the truth. If you're shivering on the deck in your short skirt, chattering teeth in the photo is not going to be pretty. The same is true for wearing warm fabrics in the blistering sun. Take the extra time to find out the weather forecast. Match your wardrobe choices to the place and time of your cruise.

Flamboyant Photo Ops

A cruise photograph should showcase the funnest side of yourself. You don't want to dress like someone you're not for a cruise photo, but channel your inner wild child a bit to stretch beyond what you ordinarily wear. If you always skip patterns, dare to wear one for a fun photo with the sprawling ocean a your backdrop. If you are a T-shirt-and-jeans sort of girl, wear a trendy pants suit. If you're always primped to perfection, throw that hair is a loose ponytail and put on a fun, hippie dress. Stepping outside of the ordinary in this small way can also really help set the mood for a fun time aboard the ship.

Layering on a Cruise

Wearing layers on a cruise allows you to decide what's appropriate for the photo in the moment. If it's a family shot that you're probably going to share with relatives and more conservative friends, more is best. If it's a romantic photo that you want to send to your significant other, feel free to get more playful. Most cruises will have no problem with you posing for pictures on the deck in shorts or a skimpy top. Just remember to layer back up when you walk around the ship. Typically, shorts are not allowed in the dining room.

The Obligatory Bathing Suit Photo

It seems that taking a bathing suit photo while swimming or enjoying the sun on a cruise to a tropical locale is a rite of passage for cruisers. If you want to get in on the fun, go for it. All body types can showcase their beauty in a bathing suit photo. A simple bathing suit that is in solid colors and patterns that aren't too busy work best. Bikinis are the most popular choice, but whole suits can flatter, too. Just remember not to use a swimsuit to hide your body. Choose one that is snug, not tight, for both comfort and the photogenic rewards of doing so. Then leave that self-consciousness on the shore back home. Know that all sizes and shapes are equally beautiful, and smile for the photo.

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