How to Wear a Cowl Neck With a Scarf


Scarves are versatile accessories and every girl should have at least a few in her wardrobe. Hey, they're really affordable too, so you don't have to save up for a month like you do for those new designer handbags you love so much. There are endless ways to wear and tie scarves, and even if you're wearing a top with a detailed neckline, such as a cowl-neck shirt, you can add a scarf and have it look lovely. As long as you tie it right, you'll have a super chic look you're going to rock.


With a square- or rectangular-shaped scarf, lay it down on a table or other hard surface with the material spread out flat.


Take one side of the scarf and fold it over to the center, and do the same with the other side. Fold each side in again and do this, alternating between sides, until you're left with only a 2-inch wide strip.


Wrap the scarf around the back of your neck, with the folded side against the back of your neck and the smooth side is out.


Pull the ends of the scarf around to the front of your neck, and move the ends around until you have one slightly longer than the other.


Cross the long end over the short end, and wrap it around and out the other side.


Pull the long end up and through the opening in the scarf you've created. Pull the material snugly so the scarf is more taut against your neck. You can loosen it or keep it a bit tighter, whatever you prefer. This tying method works well with a cowl neckline because you can see it but it doesn't take away from your outfit by hanging over the cowl neck.

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You can also create a cowl-neck look with your scarf, either to wear alone or with a cowl-neck shirt or dress. Make a triangle out of your scarf, lay the long end of the triangle shape below your neck, wrap the ends around your neck and tie them together in a knot. Pull at the fabric below your neck to loosen it and create a cowl-neck effect.


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