What to Wear to a Blacklight Party

Blacklight parties require some outfit planning.

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Whether you are going to a rave or just a blacklight-themed party, it is important to pick an outfit that will look good in the odd lighting conditions. The best way to do this is to cut loose and have fun. Try too hard to look normal and no one will notice you. The best choice is to grab some clothes that will make you glow and embrace your wild side. Yes, you will look silly if you stop to pump some gas on the way to the party, but you will rock the scene once you arrive at your final destination.

White and Neon

As every fashonista knows, sometimes basic works best. White glows incredibly bright under a blacklight, so white shirts, jeans and shoes will all work well for a black light party. Although neon shirts and pants are not typically the height of fashion, they work very well and can add a bright splash of color to black lit events. If you are worried about looking like a shapeless blob of too much glow, try wearing outfits that are striped or dotted in black to tone down the effect of your clothes.


Don’t get so focused on your clothes that you forget to accessorize. Disposable glow sticks, bracelets and necklaces make great accessories, of course, but don’t forget less obvious accents. When accessorizing for a blacklight party, neon rings, earrings, headbands, barrettes, pony tail holders and even shoe laces are good places to add a touch of glow. Glow-in-the-dark makeup and hair dyes can also be purchased online, in Halloween stores and in specialty stores.


Not finding anything funky enough to suit your party needs? Try making your own outfit. Glow-in-the-dark body and fabric paints can be used to create a custom look. Simply brush some glow-in-the-dark paint over dark clothes to create unique visual effects, or use body paints to accentuate your face, hands and other exposed skin. You can even draw your own glowing tattoos. If you are in a hurry or can’t find glow paints for fabric or skin, grab a few neon highlighters from the local office supply store. These will allow you to draw unique designs on yourself and can easily be taken to the party so you can share the fun with others.

Share the Fun

A fun idea is to host your own graffiti party. Suggest that all of your party guests come in a plain white T-shirt. Turn on the blacklight and greet each guest by handing them a few neon highlighters. Tell party guests that the point of the evening is to use their highlighters to decorate each other. At the beginning of the evening everyone will be dressed the same, but each guest will have a unique graffiti-ed look by the end of the evening and have a personalized keepsake to remember your party. If you really want to have fun with it, ask a funny friend to emcee a fashion show at the end of the event so everyone can share their distinctive black light looks.

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